Monday, October 30, 2006

A smashing deal

This house has been for sale in Vancouver for $499G's for five months. It originally sold in April for $450K. Finally, it was torn down to make way for bigger and better.

The 33'x110' lot can still be had for $499G's. Er, maybe must have cost a fair bit to have the back-hoe there for 3 days, and to dispose of the detritus. I'd guess $10k-$30K(?), so maybe the lot could be had for $519K-$529K. Either way, it's a smokin' deal. Hurry before you're priced out forever. The Olympics are coming, y'know.

I did a little morph at the end from the standing (but gutted) house to the final pile of rubble.


solipsist said...

I hate to see such an ignomious end to a house where 4 children were raised, and 3 generations lived and loved. Asi es la vida.

You can hear my dog barking at about 40 seconds in. The dogs and the cats wre freaked out for 2 days.

Babybull40 said...

it's quite sad indeed, It was such a small little house, didn't seem like there was much to it for the bulldozer to rip down.As I was watching it, the front of the house was being defiant and standing strong till the last possible moment.