Thursday, August 02, 2007

breaking the silence


I regret my week of incommunicado status, and thanks to all for continuing to visit, and to comment.

I have been having a bit of a health crisis as of late, which has precluded activity here and elsewhere. My wife always tells me to tell people how I am feeling, so I am breaking my silence.

I feel like yesterday's fish left out in the sun, and my brain is oozing out through my eye sockets. OK - not really, but, I have been quite under the weather. I will resume my incoherent rants as soon as I am able.

In the meantime, here is your chance to break your silence. Rant about whatever you would like. I would be especially glad to hear tales of those who have bit off more than they can chew, and are sweating cod fish, or whatever. Those are high hopes, but...

Feed me some schadenfreude, and make us all feel better.

I'll be back soon.


kally said...

Well I hope you feel better fish in the sun.
My dh and I thought we would housesit a few months on the Sunshine Coast, buy a small house and move in.
Can't really find what we want though, at the price we want. But the housesitting is fun. In 8 months we have lived in 8 homes and are now booked until just about Xmas.

So an adventure of sorts has come out of trying to time the market,selling too early and waiting, waiting, waiting.

Well it's not too hard to wait with a glass of iced wine on our deck overlooking the ocean... but I digress, I am trying to make YOU feel better.

Ah, I know.... I would have sworn that prices would drop while we were waiting, but, alas......

Anonymous said...

For Pete's sake, take some Oil of oregano, Vitamin C, eye of newt, salamander oil----WHATEVER. Just don't dare abandon us ever again.

I'm having withdrawal symptoms. My heart is racing. Too many bears seem to be hibernating too soon. We need the voices of reason to have the courtesy to at least CHECK IN daily, just to let us know that HOPE exists.


M- said...

Well, if it'll make you feel any better...

My own health situation isn't perfect right now. I've been feeling downright crappy for a couple of months. Tests failed to turn anything up. Then a couple weeks ago I discovered why I was feeling crappy after I saw what was in my stool, which tests had failed to uncover. It was a combination of gross, scary, and shocking.

I'm not going to go into it any further.

The lesson I learned is to avoid cheap sushi restaurants. Be sure that you're confident that the restaurant you eat at buy sashimi-grade fish that has been flash-frozen to kill the parasites.

Solipsist, good luck with your health issues!

olives said...

Maybe this will help:

solipsist said...

Thanks for all comments and good wishes.

kally - hang in there. Your (and my) day will come. At least you are on the coast. Could be worse (Red Neck - oops - Red Deer, AB, or such).

Anon - Oil of Oregano, Oil of Smoke, Eye of Fig, even my wife's placenta do not help me. I have a certain neurological disorder that affects my ability to string coherent thoughts together.

Sorry about your palpitations, I was not abandoning, so much as unable to write anything lucid. I'll never pack it in. I may be more prone to gibberish from time to time though.

m- - I don't get schadenfreude from the afflictions of others - unless it's obtuse greed. Don't eat the fluorescing salmon again...

olives - thanks for the link. I think that Cramer has been eating fluorescing scuttlefish. Or something... Man! He was kinda apoplectic there, wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

Seattle resident here.

I was in Vancouver this past weekend and stopped that the new "Scotiabank" theatre on Burranr (what happened to the Paramount?!) and was bombarded with ads for ZERO down loans before the movie started.

Plenty of trendy new towers downtown were either advertising low or zero down payments ... when will the madness end!?!