Thursday, July 10, 2008

bestial book ends

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I spotted these evil twins on Copley - just east of Nanaimo. Good grief! They look like raffle prizes from a monster truck show, or worse. Side-by-side slaps in the face.

I have noticed a "deteriorating" trend in the finishes on these now ubiquitous press board boxes. Gone are the heady days of Mandarin Orange, Venous Red, Fecal Brown, etc. stucco, the final push into oblivion is vinyl siding. I guess that maybe there was a deal on it before the carbon tax kicked in. Way to go on mitigating your carbon footprint folks! (and building hideous houses while you are at it) Way to go on maximizing your profits even further. It's just too bad for you that you are too late to the party. BEEP!

But who would buy such candy floss crap? Really ugly twins? What were these builders thinking? Or not? Do they not realise that the days of buying sight-unseen are over? The half-dead tree liability is a nice touch too. Shoulda been more careful with the excavator.

Vancouver is being left with a sad legacy of soul-less, cheaply built (but very expensive) buildings - from leaking, rotting, crumbling condos to this kind of offense. There ought to be a law.


Anonymous said...

Repeat the following mantra after me:

Pretend it's 1913. Frank Lloyd Wright is alive and building houses, but won't hit his mass market mid modern stride until the 1970's.

All the Little Women want "Arts and Craps."

My GRANDMOTHER was too cool to live in one of these pos.

Who the Hell wants to live in a pressboard facsimile of 1913? Who are these people market researching? What Godawful TV show warped young women's minds?

Give me a Brady Bunch rancher any day.

kabloona said...

Geezuz, but those are u-g-l-y...and vinyl-clad, to boot. It's reassuring to see that fine workmanship never goes out of style.

Grumpus said...

Ugh. Mirror image grimness. Wouldn't you feel like killing yourself every day of your life if you always have to pull home into that mess?

Truly inspiring craftmanship.