Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the grab bag # 6, and, Armageddon approaches

El ... es el monoculo de Jehova

Wow! I can't believe what a baby does to your brain, heart, back, life. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy.

There is not so much going on that is of note anyway. Inventory seems to be climbing. Prices are weird (though, there are now 8 SFH properties for $400 K, or less in East Van., where there were but two a couple of months ago).

The rain is gone for now, birds are singing, and I don't really care anymore where this madness goes. How about this?

Man shoots at condo for blocking out sunlight

Thu Mar 22, 2007 8:10AM EDT
TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese man angry that a new apartment building put his house in the shade was arrested after shooting about a dozen bullets at it with a competition rifle.

Police said the man apparently fired at the 11-storey building, which was completed last October, from a window on the third floor of his house, a distance of roughly 164 feet.

"He felt the building management didn't take a sincere attitude toward his complaints that the building was keeping sunlight from reaching his house," a police spokesman in the western city of Kyoto said.

Nobody was injured in the shootings but walls, railings and two lights on the apartment building were damaged.

When the Japanese lose their cool, you know there is a problem - either with their heads, or their environment. Maybe both... Condo rage! And they pay you to borrow money there. Pretty much, anyway.

I can't help but wonder when construction rage begins here. I know that I despise my new neighbour, and his house isn't even finished yet. I won't get into it now, but it has been going on for 5 months, and I'm sick of flat tires, garbage in my yard, and up and down the street, destroyed trees, fences, and on and on. Not to mention the darkness on one side of my house where the light is blocked by his monstrosity.

On a more humourous note, the Jehovah's Witnesses have been out in force - with 5 over the weekend. I was lucky enough to be hurrying out with the baby and mother during one onslaught of 4 in two pairs, but the fifth caught me cold with a coffee in hand. I'm a pretty gregarious guy, but I was on my way to work, so I pretended not to speak English, and responded in Spanish that I was "muy occupado ahorra". Just my luck, she was fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English, so there was no escape.

She had a funky hat though, and a pleasant demeanour, so we entertained each other in 4 different languages. I think she was a rich immigrant, but cagey. I asked her about the bubble, and she told me of Jehovah. I told her I loved her, and she smiled.

So that's it. The bubble may not burst, but the greedy will sink beneath the earth, and I will be in Paradise (because of my love, and all). The Devil is behind the bubble. I was told so in four languages.

She spoke in tongues...

I will be back when I can, pero estoy muy occupado ahorra. Hasta luego.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Nice to see you emerge long enough from being Pappa.. to visit us..lol..
I had some Jehovahs here yesterday.. they walked right into my house without knocking.. Scared the bejeezes out of me.. They really shouldn't be doing that.. Well glad you are back (sort of) I know you are a busy busy busy man...

Anonymous said...

Hey - she didn't give ya a tongue lashing did she :^O ?!

Well we have been busy the last week and a half; it's the Passover season for some, Memorial of Christ's death for others. As a group we'll try not to "hold you up" next time!

solipsist said...

a ny jw -

Perhaps I'm misinformed, but I thought that televisions, and by extension, computers/Internet, were viewed by JW's as instruments of the Devil.

I would appreciate not being held up by your group. I'm not yet a complete misanthrope, but I disdain proselytizers, and others who presume that they are holier than I, or that I am lost, and damned to hell fire.

Perhaps you would appreciate me coming around and knocking on your door when you are busy, telling you that you will die of cancer if you continue to eat non-organic food, or that the clothes that you wear are made in sweat-shops - employing 6 year old children who receive no pay, and work 14 hours a day instead of going to school, and being children?

Give me a break.

I heard a great quote last week that went like this - Religion is for those who are afraid of going to Hell, spirituality is for those who have been there. Colour me spiritual.

bc_cele said...

That's such a nice sentiment ' a ny jw'. Perhaps you can give us your address so we can send a few Mormons out your way. I'm sure you'll have all the time in the world for them.

Solipsist, nice to see you posting again. I hope you and your family are doing well. And I hope we won't be reading about any people in the GVRD shooting at their neighbour's soon-to-completed monstrosities. ;-)

solipsist said...

Hey bc_cele,

Thanks for posting.

Babby is stellar, momma and pappy are tired. It's great though.

Posting will still be sporadic for a while - unless, of course something exciting happens.

I can assure you that I don't possess any firearms, and I don't have an end to my rope, so if there are pot-shots in the news, it won't be me on the trigger. But, in the immortal words of Bruce Cockburn, If I Had a Rocket Launcher...

mk-kids said...

i am totally with you solipsist, getting a little tired with this energizer bunny of a re market... them battereis can't last much longer, can they?!!

happy to hear you and the fam are grand, if a little sleepy...

bc_cele said...


just keep repeating, "my kid will sleep through the entire night, soon". One day you will be right. :-D

Personally, I'm finding it hard to post much right now on the BC scene because it, as mk-kids has said, is like an energizer bunny. The market will crash, but as with every bubble, it goes on longer than any sane person could concieve. Hell, I just talked to a buddy of mine in SoCal and he is convinced that renting is just wasting money, and that he must buy now.

How I hate seeing people like him being so brain-washed.

J.Son said...

CL posting Mar 21st, Burnaby condo listed at $189,900... same condo posted on the 31st for $169,900.



Condo in New West posted originally at $165,000 Mar 2nd, now posted at $150,000 March 31st.



Brand new house in Cloverdale, original posting was reduced price already from $489k -> $479k. 2nd posting was $469k.



solipsist said...

Thanks for all of your comments. It's good to know that the readership has not given up on the author.

I don't have much time but to skim other blogs these days, but my impression is that the market is stubborn, but realization is starting to set in. Either that, or some are so full of greed that they are overshooting even the surreality that has been manifest these last 4 years or so when setting their asking prices.

I'm hoping for a summer of discontent.

Unknown said...

Hope you and Mum are getting enough sleep to enjoy baby! It's a magical time & do try to enjoy it. ---- Now, of course, you have to factor in school districts and individual school 'marks' into the RE equation. The Fraser Report does a great annual rating of such things. One checks the prospective purchase's address re: the catchment area of its school district website, then looks up the school on the Fraser Report. (All Online) I've avoided many an ill-advised purchase by noting that the elementary school is a 6 not an 8 out of 10....
RE: Bubble--- The Economist is busy again telling us that it IS a bubble. "The Trouble with the Housing Market" March 26-30th 2007 cover article.
I believe them and despite that fact that it's 'Grade 1' time for my child - historically the time when Canadian families 'settle' to get the first child into a stable school setting- I just can't jump into RE at the moment. For a rent that's less than half what it would take to buy my home my child can go to a highly rated school. (And we get to keep our savings, too...instead of using them for a downpayment.)
Cele is right. It's in the last-nuttiest phase. Unfortunately, due to the Olympics, the nutty phase may last a lot longer than one would ever believe.

solipsist said...

Thanks Catherine, that business about catchment areas is all of a sudden very relevant.

I'm pretty sure that I will home-school the wee lad for at least the first few years. I will probably finagle (though with the purest of persuasions) some arrangement with a suitable school for the sake of socialisation, but I have more confidance in my own teaching skills and protocols than I do in the public system.

I have a few years to think about that though, and with the help of Mozart and Brahms, he ought to be doing calculus, and writing dissertations on light by the time he is 6 or 7.


I do think too that this madness is close to it's death throes. The view from out here on Neptune is very striking. These Earthlings have gone mad!

A big driver in my life path has been regret aversion, and I feel in my guts that I will be glad in the next few years that I never got emotional about shelter.


exvancouverite said...

> CL posting Mar 21st, Burnaby condo listed at $189,900... same condo posted on the 31st for $169,900<


This stuff is happening all over. I was in the mall and walked by the ReMax kiosk. There was a nice house listed for 699K, but there was a sticker and I peeled it off and it said 729K.

If this was truly a hot market, there would be no mark down at all. Some sap would have just paid 30K more than he should have.

And the price compression thing is totally ridiculous too. A house just down the street sold for 509K, and a townhouse a block away was asking 479K. Yeah, I'd rather pay strata fees the rest of my life. And never have a backyard, deck and garden. Sure, sign me up.

I'm singularly unimpressed with the offerings out there.

exvancouverite said...

**Thanks for all of your comments. It's good to know that the readership has not given up on the author**

Sol. You're a sweetheart. And you're in for the ride of your life. I always figured that parenthood wouldn't change me a bit.

Boy, was I ever wrong :)

Deb said...

A condo in our old building just sold. A bit smaller than ours and not as nice and it sold for 3000 more than ours.

Ah well, it is all done. We used 1% so I guess we came out ahead, but I can't help but sigh.

We really wanted to get out before Xmas and now I see we could have waited a wee bit longer; but at the time it was anyone's guess.