Monday, April 16, 2007

the soapbox 1.7 Ghz

I know, I said Sunday would be the soap box. I'm a day late, and more than a couple of dollars short.

A report on CBC radio today said that Vancouver house prices rose by some 14% yoy. No link. I heard it, and I wouldn't lie to you.

If I had jumped in when I thought things were already overpriced, I would be up a hundred grand or so. I would probably find it hard to sell though, so I have no regrets. None.

Edmonton is up ~50% yoy (you can have it). Windsor is down, and St. John's lost "value". It's just here that things are really insane. Really insane.

There seem to be a lot of for sale signs littering the cityscape, but quite a few have sold stickers on them. Quite a few don't.

I heard on CBC a few days ago, someone saying that there is still about $8Bn in non-residential construction lined up for Alberta and BC - mostly new office buildings in Calgary. No detail on that, because I heard it from afar, and in passing. (Is the RAV line that much over-budget?)

Is it safe to think that when they start crowing about non-residential construction in Calgary, that things might be starting to look dicey here?

Did I mention, ever, that I think there is a bubble?

A pretty bubble.


Anonymous said...

Home sales set records in the West

blueskies said...

you can protect yourself by wrapping your home in bubble wrap....
perfect for a soft landing