Friday, July 13, 2007

cartoon culture & funny money

I think that I might know what part of the problem is. A big part.

We do not value money, or what it represents.

What the fletch am I talking about?

Think about it - what do you think of when you think of the coins in your pocket? Dollars? Dinero? Monedas? Loons? No, you most probably think of them as loonies and toonies (or would that more properly be two-nies?). Yes, that's right - cartoon money! And when the banks will give someone like me $600G's at 4.2% (that was a couple of years ago), money is too easy to get. But it's not really. It's easy to get "credit" - which is just a polite term for debt - but the "real" money to pay that debt back, is not so easy to come by.

Our national currency reduced to a joke. How sad a mind-set is that? There are jokes to be had, but... I saw Ric Mercer Talking to Americans, and he talked to them about loonies and toonies (or is that more properly tunies?), and that we are to have a new, five dollar coin - to be dubbed The Woody. The Americans congratulated Canada on getting it's first woody. Ha!

I have little against coins (I still pick up pennies) - they are probably worth more intrinsically than notes, and cost more to produce. It's funny though, because notes were originally introduced to lighten the burden of carrying gold and silver around. That's a whole other discussion in the offing.

Anyhow, I always call my coins Loons and Doubloons. I just think it's more classy. A five dollar coin ought to be called a ducat, and we could call the $8 coin a deux-quatre (doo-catra).

I was just looking for some Loony Tunes imagery, and made some astounding discoveries. You can get loony tunes cheques, wallets, and Hasbro games cheques - including Monopoly cheques! For real. That is unflagging ridiculous.

Am I on to something, or what?

I will leave you with these disturbing images;

Our National Currency?

Warner punishes Canada by reducing the currency to a cartoon. The cheques (or "checks" in the US - there are no balances) are for real. You can get them yourself!
Don't forget your handsome checkbook (sic) wallet!

Here - print some of these up, and buy a couple of CONdo's, or get that address in Shaughnessy.

I wonder if that disc, offered by these Warner execs, is a copy of Matrix?

Hope you liked our show!

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Anonymous said...

You made my day. Thanks again.

casual observer said...

Haven't you heard? Cash is trash. The government wants us to spend our money, not save it. It's like a game of musical long as everyone is spending their money, the game continues. As soon as people start to save it, it's GAME OVER.


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Deana and David said...

Ah yes fiat currency, and fractional reserve banking.

Sorry no one is going to comment on this one.

If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you;
But if you really make them think, they'll hate you.

now we can go back to sleep again and let the noise on the net drift on......

solipsist said...

"now we can go back to sleep again"


they took the wrong pill.

unmentionables are just that.

I know that you know that you know that I know that you know that I know.

maybe I took the wrong pill.

solipsist said...

p.s. d&d,

The banks in the tranches?

"A" tranches rolled into "AAA" tranches, and bought by banks as assets? (el bubb had a link to that somewhere that has escaped my purview. el bubb?) Seems that RBC, and CIBC, amongst others, is into those.

Yikes. Fractional reserve is piddling.

The big picture is like a Matreshka doll, or an onion. More like an onion probably - lots of tears therein.