Wednesday, January 30, 2008

coming home to roost (or, the sky is falling)

Ew! Maybe that is not the sky falling.

The chickens are coming home to roost. No point in regurgitating the news. The sky is falling.

Here is the Glum and Moan on the continuing blood-letting down south.
As Fed meets, housing hits 'grim milestone'
Inventory of unsold new homes in the U.S. continues to rise

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

WASHINGTON — — Ben Bernanke and his U.S. Federal Reserve Board colleagues face a stark The housing slump is still getting worse.

House price declines are accelerating, more homeowners are falling behind on their mortgage payments and foreclosures are going through the roof, according to fresh data from the front line of the U.S. economic slowdown.
Oh, oh. Aren'tcha glad that Vancouver has a safety bubble around it? The main page of the Report on Business is juicy, but I'm sure you've seen it

Just a few, strange thoughts that have been nagging me deep in my spooky parts;

Herr Harper is down in DC blowing Bush, er, I mean, telling him how it's going to be in Afghanistan, or, er, something like "can we borrow some nukes? cuz I wanna push the button". But anyhow, how about this for an external event to shake the market - Vancouver is on the map now! We are world class, and dammit, we are famous, and special, and the best place to eat sushi (or something like that). Jihadi says, "Hmm, ain't they gonna have the Olympics? We should pull something off there, that will get some attention. It is a port city, and the Mounted buffoons have so little money for security." (Exactly $175 million for Olympic security. The torch relay has a budget of $31 million...)

And did you hear about the haz-mat/bomb/major crime scene at UBC today? At the Biological Sciences building. Oh cool.


Barak Obama wins the presidency, but is assassinated before he can lay his head down in DC. They don't call it the Whitey House for nothing. Race riots ensue that make the 60's look like a tea party. Refugees flood across our border, and Homeland Insecurity follows them - a defacto invasion. They set up bases here, and all land is seized under the Hullabaloo Act.

OK, so I'm rambling, but you read it here first!

A couple of random quotes for the day;
It is a great thing to know that all one needs is an open
mind and a logical way of thinking to view events with a
proper prism. You do not need to be an "authority".

For instance. If you hear absurdities, you need to call
them absurdities. (JA)
We deny because our arrogance blinds us to the lessons of history.
We deny because we choose to believe that we are too wise to be so foolish. (Randall Fitzgerald)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dude...wait, what?

Aleks said...

I find it strange that anyone would think the bloodletting in the US would be over any time soon. Their mortgages haven't finished resetting (and in some cases Bush pushed that date back by a couple years) and the bad debt hasn't magically disappeared from the bond market.

I guess it's just wishful thinking, the same thinking that makes people say that house prices can't drop 50% or more here because they don't want to think about what that would mean to them, personally. But if you look at where the market is compared to where fundamentals say it should be, the US has a lot further to fall.

I remember reading that the reason Colin Powell didn't run for president wasn't that he didn't think a black man could win, but that he thought he'd be assassinated. So in that light we should pay close attention to who Obama picks as a VP.

Everything after that is just craziness, though. If the US gets bad enough that people want to flee the country, it'll be as bad or worse here. Unless they're fleeing a draft, but in that case Harper would close the border to them.

In any event, I think you need to lay off the late night US Primary pundit shows, because it's messing with your mind.

solipsist said...

in that light we should pay close attention to who Obama picks as a VP

My very thoughts.

need to lay off the late night US Primary pundit shows

Quite honestly, I've never seen one. My thoughts come from that "spooky" place.

I am interested though, and we are seeing something extraordinary. I believe that whoever voted against Iraq's "re-organization" will win. There is only one contender who did so.

If I was American, I'd vote for Ron Paul, but he isn't even on the radar (deliberately - thanks to the MSM).

solipsist said...

(The only TV that I watch is CBC Newsworld, Deadwood (and some other real history) on the History Channel, and Weeds on Show Case.)

Paul said...

I would have voted for Ron Paul as well. Scrap the Federal reserve and the endless money supply.

fish10 said...

Ron Paul calls it a bit too honestly for the Wall Street/DC crowd.

Unfortunately he doesn't have much charisma either, in a country that chooses it's leaders based mostly on that chracteristic.

Can you imagine Cretien being elected in the US to a state position , never mind President?

BearClaw said...


A fellow Canadian Ron Paul supporter! Nice! I tune into the republican debates only to see Ron deliver the whoop-ass.

Paul @Faux News Debate

Ron Paul Blasts Fed

Ralph Nader -- Ron Paul: an enema for America

solipsist said...

burlivespipe - I left you a response here

patriotz said...

Can you imagine Cretien being elected in the US to a state position , never mind President?

Chretien is a veritable JFK or PET compared to many US politicians, not least of whom is the current occupant of the White House.

At least Chretien had an excuse for his mangled English.

Drachen said...

Ron Paul? Don't get me wrong, I love the little guy and the way he messes up the other Republican candidates' games. He tells more truth than they do which is seductive. But the guy is a serious whacko, even if he hadn't been shunned by the press he'd never have stood a chance, his policies would have been ripped apart if he'd ever looked like a potential winner.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Ron Paul and tinfoil hats go together for a reason. He's also a racist.

Scullboy said...

I'd have gone for Edwards. Yeah I'm a bleeding heart liberal, but purely for pragmatic reasons.

When you put money in the hands of the poor, they spend it, usually locally (at least at the local Wal-Mart).

That in term keeps money flowing within the local community. Yea yea it's all made in China, but at least some sales person gets a permission.

I think pragmatically when you look out for the least in society, everyone else gets a boost too.

Billy TwoBaulz said...

oooh! Those are strong words about Ron Paul. I've never heard the racist allegation - can you provide some sources for this?

I'm a fan myself - I think it's a bit unfair to characterize his thinking as "tinfoil hat" just because it's novel and outside the dogma of conventional groupthink.

Billy TwoBaulz said...

I agree with his thoughts as expressed on that page. Americans have a very singular tendency to group themselves into socially exclusive enclaves.

I can't see how you could construe his thoughts on that page as racist. He clearly states that he believes racism is not only morally wrong, but scientifically as well, as any modern sensible person knows.

Anonymous said...

It's really off topic, so I won't post any more about this, but just to provide support, here is something you can read about Ron Paul's racial views:

solipsist said...

here is something you can read about Ron Paul's racial views:

I don't really care too much about his "racial views" - especially as espoused by someone whose ideas of journalism are confined to reading by-lines.

Ethnocentrism is often mistaken for racism, or is completely ignored. Bigotry is another matter.

Strataman said...

"I don't really care too much about his "racial views" - especially as espoused by someone whose ideas of journalism are confined to reading by-lines." I used to read TNR (the source of this info) for a long time, it's actually an incredibly biased journalistic slant. Stopped reading it when I knew what they would say before I read an article! :-)

NM real estate said...

All I can say is that I'm happy to be a first-time home buyer right now!

patriotz said...

And all I can say is that I'm happy to see a New Mexico real estate agent spamming this board, because it means things are really getting ugly.

solipsist said...

All I can say is that I'm happy to be a first-time home buyer right now!

Good for you, son!

But really,you are not a FTB, you are a FREA (fucked real estate agent), spamming on Canadian sites hoping that some stupid fool will bite, and hence, give you a commission.

Look out! Soon Vancouver RE agents will be looking for suckers on your turd - I mean - turf.

solipsist said...

patriotz - I was distracted and you beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

off topic, but looks like the green monster dropped the price to 775k. gotta love the date on the pic 2007-7-9.. going on 7 months now.

solipsist said...

off topic, but...

Nothing is OT here - except gold-buggery, and pump'n'dump crap. Spam is not keen either...

Thanks for the heads-up on the green monster! I haven't had the time or impetus to check on it.

Anonymous said...

Hope the link works...

check what you can get in Florida now. :^)

Anonymous said...

ooops..that's better

Anonymous said...

Relax. Obama can't possibly win.

As you said in the post "They don't call it the Whitey House" for nothin'.

Obama MIGHT make Hillary's VP, but I wouldn't count on that either.

If Obama is the candidate, McCain will be President, and soon China AND Russia will nuke the US as it attempts to nuke Iran, so quit worrying....