Thursday, February 14, 2008


Back to my normal, if odd, look at things.

I had a dream last night that I bought the green monster house with the hellacious eyebrows.

I went to an open house - just for laughs - and the house sucked me and my family in, and started feeding on us. Every month it demanded more and more from us. It was horrible! It reminded me of the mother in The Wall.

Suddenly, I was in the developer's dream. I was so glad to escape my own, but his was even worse. He was a green monster fanatic, and had torn down many simple family homes to build many dun-coloured dominatrix dens. He had angered the spirits of the simple people that had raised families in those homes with his greed, and they had chained him until he lost everything.

If you happen to go to an open house, and get a weird feeling, don't even think of buying it!

Of course, all of that is nonsense, and is untrue, but I just had to do some photoshopping, and write a silly story, to make myself laugh.

Maybe this could be a mascot for the anti-olympic committee.

You didn't expect stats, did you?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of stats I notice that the Big Green Hellhouse has been reduced again. It's now $775 which puts it on a par with the Knight Street grow-op/outhouse you posted last week.

Ahh, so many wonderful properties to choose from it's almost a shame to pick one. So I won't.

Drachen said...

I expected stats. I want to see a graph of your real estate related dreams over the past year. This could be very useful data for calculating the exact moment of the crash...

Or the exact moment of your nervous breakdown, one of the two.

Aleks said...

Either way, on with the show.

solipsist said...

Or the exact moment of your nervous breakdown

Oh, how I laughed at that line!

Either way, on with the show.

I might have to do more photoshops. That one reminds me of Loonie Tunes meets The Wall meets Fantasia.

Think I'm on to something regarding the mind-set of the best place ever?

fish said...

There are lots of stats everywhere else on the net. You keep those quirky posts coming.

tacoman said...

Great post for a change!
Keep staying faithful to your (un)real brand.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..that home is stuck on my mind now. I hope I don't have the same nightmare you had.

Is it almost a year now that the house is on the market?

Anonymous said...

I think the green house is sold.

solipsist said...

I think the green house is sold.

No freaking way!

I can't, won't believe it. Unless it was for $550K...