Wednesday, November 05, 2008

paint it black


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No. What's offensive is when Obama responds to a false-flag attack by nuking Iran mid-January as BOTH Biden and Powell let slip (Biden's "test"), expands the nuclear war to Pakistan to prop up the crashing US dollar, and China and Russia throw everything in their combined arsenal against the US.

THAT'S offensive. The US went from one immature cocaine cowboy flipping off the planet to an immature misogynist crack cowboy doing exactly the same.


As IF.

solipsist said...

Anonymous said...11/05/2008 6:04 PM


How so?

...when Obama responds to a false-flag attack by nuking Iran mid-January...

I kind of doubt that. Obama will have to wait until at least the 22nd of January for the keys. Bush might like such a scenario though, if it happened on the 20th. If it does happen, it will be in Georgia, or Florida.

There is a reason Powell endorsed Obama, and I don't think it had much to do with Philadelphia.

Barak Obama wins the presidency, but is assassinated before he can lay his head down in DC. They don't call it the Whitey House for nothing. Race riots ensue that make the 60's look like a tea party. Refugees flood across our border, and Homeland Insecurity follows them - a defacto invasion. They set up bases here, and all land is seized under the Hullabaloo Act.

I wrote this last January. That might be the crisis Powell mis-spoke of, and it might help the offended anon. understand the spirit of the photoshop.


Anonymous said...

yawn.... this blog used to be interesting.

Chilled said...

It is patently racist, undeniably by any reasonable person, regardless of ones political affiliation.

buff_butler said...


lol... get a sense of humor. Im sure he didnt make the picture with the intention of hate or to be offensive.

If racism is "the topic" then associating a taboo to a topic can be seen as racism.

an ex-reader of your blog said...

I thought you had some wit.
Clearly I overestimated you.

jesse said...

A young girl asked me why everyone says Obama is black. Shouldn't they call him white as much as black? I didn't have a good answer for her so I told her that he calls himself a decent human being and that's all that matters.

solipsist said...

It is patently racist, undeniably by any reasonable person, regardless of ones political affiliation.

Such is your proclamation. Do you see monsters in your closet too?

If racism is "the topic" then associating a taboo to a topic can be seen as racism.

That is my line of thinking too.

an ex-reader of your blog said...
I thought you had some wit.
Clearly I overestimated you.

Clearly, you are witless.

jesse - I agree, that is all that matters.

solipsist said...

To disabuse anyone else who feels a need to assume racism where there is no such thing, a few of rhetorical questions;

If Hillary Clinton had won the nomination, and then the Presidency, and I had photoshopped the White House into the Pink House, would you read that as misogyny?

If a gay person had done the same, and I rainbowed the White House, would you accuse me of hating gay people?

Are all of the people celebrating the historical importance of the first black president being racist?

Were all of the black people who voted for him racist? The white people who didn't? The Hispanics who didn't? The women who wanted Hillary to be President just because she is a woman - what is that? Misandry?

I celebrate Obama's win because of his intellect, rhetorical skills, apparent sincerity, because he inspired so many people to vote for their preference, because it seems that his grandparents' influences on him were great, and they lived through world wars, depression, etc., and would have imparted their wisdoms onto him. All of that inspires hope (even if somewhat too much) in a darkened world.

My Vietnamese friends, Korean sister in law, my black friends, Japanese friends, a former lover who was half black, half Japanese, would likely be as surprised by the cries of racism as I am.

Nobody in this world is more distantly related than 64th cousin to me. Don't make me start quoting Martin Luther King. Okay?

Anonymous said...

thats not a rcist pic, the white house by itself is what is wrong,

that pic shows that, all those southern plantation owners house during slavery days looked liked the white house...

if id be a colored prez, id paint it if i could, maybe to the shade of evry colors of human this planet has...fairness

thre not such thing as a white person really...and we were all way more tan in our ancestry legacy,,

, un;ess yur a puritain brain washed or kkk, skinhead redneck dumbass...

DaMann said...

Wow, people really need to relax. It's to the point if you even mention that word black, no matter the context, it's racist and offensive. PC over the top once again.

Keep up the good work Solipsist. Love your blog

Tony Danza said...

Nice post Sol. The riff raff doth protest too much me thinks.

Scullboy said...

Funny how ominous it looks painted black.

And for all you paranoid people out there, there are already zillions of "tests" and crises for pol Ol'bama (HA! I'm too clever) to handle. Pakistan's on the verge of war, the economy is collapsing, the Army's overextended.

Say what you will about Obama, he's not stupid. Even if he were to expand the war, an army travels on its stomach. There just aren't enough resources or money left and with the army overseas if there were massive food riots in America, I'd bet there aren't enough police / soldiers left to put a stop to them.

Calm down. I'm as bitter and cynical as anyone, and more bitter then most. Things are already bad enough, they probably won't get much worse.

Anonymous said...

Sol...not for one second did I take that as racist. You are way too sophisticated to come across as racist.

Pay me later :-)


Anonymous said...

Racist, with certainty, had you changed the Tulips to cotton balls.

Tasteless would perhaps be more appropriate.

Political correctness a definite fail.

Tough being perfect.

solipsist said...

Well, I'm glad that some get it. I am often very nuanced, but good grief.

pbell - the cheque is in the mail. There was a bit of a mix-up when I sent the requisition to Hank Paulson. He had to check the meaning of cheque. It seems that he thought that he was to send a hockey player.

last anon. - Dang! I missed the opportunity with the tulips.

It is hard to be perfect, and even harder to be humble.

I don't shackle my self with political correctness.

It may be tasteless to those of a less refined palate, but that's what The Province, or 24 Hours, are for.

What is a picture worth again?

blueskies said...

very funny!

sidelines said...

All we see here is the White House in black and "paint it black" as the title. Not much to go on...

Oh, but wait, actually there is! There's the rest of this blog, previous entries, and comments from the blogger himself. "CONTEXT" in other words! This has to be considered while evaluating or seeking meaning from this image and post. And it certainly ought to be done very carefully before throwing out words like "racist." Any less would be intellectual laziness - and incredibly ignorant.

I find the strong, negative reactions bizarre and difficult to understand. Those who have those feelings and are posting should describe how they are coming to their conclusions.

I just can't see how this image can be seen as racist. Now, if it was on David Duke's blog...

Keep it up Sol - don't let 'em get you down!

miracle said...

The choklit house! Love it!
Can't wait 'till George Clinton makes an appearance on the lawn to funk up the nation!

.. although I WOULD prefer rainbow colours! ...

miracle said...

oh yeah, I might have a cracker exterior, but inside ... I'm all choklit baby!

Anonymous said...

All you people crying racism got to relax. But an interesting point was brought up by solipist about the scenario where he gets assassinated. Don't want to sound like a conspiracy therorist but that would be the perfect cover for the government to seize complete power. First sweeping hate laws. Half the posters on this site are already programmed to accept that without question. Then complete monitoring of communications and the internet. Can you say police state.

anyways my positive outlook doesn't expect that. but what i find scary is that obama is above criticism. If he continues the war all the anitwar crowd will become jingoistic raw raw supporters of war. One only has to look back at clinton where we had humanitarian interventions. You remember like the humane bombings of civilians in yugoslavia and the chinese embassy.

I am glad Mccain didn't win but no so happy obama has. Hopefully things work out.


Big E said...

First of all, the fact that people are so hung up on the fact that Obama is black (and only half black mind you) is ridiculous in my opinion. Yes, it shows how far we've come, blah blah blah. If we want to prove how far we've come, his colour shouldn't even be an issue!

Why doesn't anyone think that the fact the White House is WHITE think that is racist?

arit said...

Hey all,

Why shout?
Soli is not even original at all here.... ;)

The white house was gray before white....



Anonymous said...

Look. You don't support Lord Obama.

That makes you a racist. Period.

See how it works?

Anonymous said...

Tulips to cotton balls (LOL!!!). And watermelon on the vine on the lawn. And chicken on the roost, ready to be fried.

P.S. I consider the 20th mid-January. And don't put eternal martial law beyond BushCheneyCo for a single second, either.

solipsist said...

Leave it to me to brew a tempest in a teapot.

Something that I have realized in this exercise: I have been successful as an artist and writer - in stirring controversy and discussion.

Personally, i don't give a fig about the tone of ones skin, all I care about is substance. I have not fallen into thinking that Obama is some kind of Messiah, or saviour (one does not get to where he is by being such), but he is a relief from George W. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, et al. For that, I am thankful.

Something that does excite me (to a degree), is this:

I still know too much, though.

patriotz said...

A young girl asked me why everyone says Obama is black. Shouldn't they call him white as much as black?

Race is a social construct. In most societies, a person who is of both majority and minority ancestry will be identified with the minority.

I have heard that in some parts of Africa people of partial European ancestry are called "white".

Most black Americans have some European ancestry, Obama just more than usual.

On the other hand, in the Caribbean people of mixed ancestry are known as "mulatto" as they form a distinct socioeconomic group.

As do the Metis here in Canada.

BTW Sol, I thought your darkened down White House was cool.

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