Friday, February 09, 2007

top down

Is this the top, or not? It looks like a long way down, and things are moving excruciatingly slowly.

I have patience though. I waited for about a half-hour to catch this shot. It seems to exemplify all this waiting for something, anything, to happen.


Rob Chipman said...

Its a good shot. Worth the patience.

Freako said...

Nice shot indeed. Now what is Chipman doing trolling a "bear blog"?

Slim said...

Do you have a higher resolution version of that photo?

solipsist said...

slim - I do.

what is Chipman doing

Looking for laughs?

Building psychological profiles?

Practicing the grasshopper walk across rice paper perhaps.

It's good that he has a sense of humour. He is one of the reasons that I enabled anon. commentary - so he could let his hair down without angling on his professional perch. I think that he is a secret bear.