Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WTF? a new sign for The "W"

What ever happened to Blab Runny? You know, the guy who sold us The "W".

The reason that I am wondering - I had a great idea for a new sign for the project. A sign that exemplifies both the "W", and the real estate market in Vancouver. The Running Man seems to have disappeared with all of his booty, and is not returning my calls.

I photoshopped an artist's concept above. The new sign will read "WTF?". I think it's cool - much cooler than when Citroen was advertising on the Eiffel Tower.

What do you think?


blacknbrownout said...

I'd pay a bit more taxes just to see that on our skyline!

Just back from a trip to my old stomping grounds in Calgary. Other than the temperature, it's like I haven't left the GVRD -- at least on the radio. Constant ads for real estate seminars, "upper class" condo pre-sales, swanky new neighbourhoods ...

Anonymous said...

The "W" already stood for Welfare zone, why hange it?