Saturday, June 30, 2007

curb appall - petit pink prison

This one has caught my eye a few times.

At first blush it is very innocuous, and I only really noticed it because of the lack of window space. One tiny window on the western wall, and there would actually be a nice view from the upper story. I don't get it. I like lots of glass to provide natural interior light and exterior vistas, and can never fathom why builders/buyers cheap out on windows.

And it's pink.

Who would want to live in a place like this? It's nice and big, and the lines aren't bad, but one would have to be suffering some kind of light sensitivity to have a need for such interior gloom. On top of that, the windows that are there are tightly blinded. What's up with that?

And it's pink.

I heard years ago that there were builders building custom grow-ops off-plan. I never knew the veracity of that, but this place looks like a perfect candidate.

And it's pink.

It is somewhat ironic that this place reminded me of a petit penitentiary, and only later did I surmise the nefarious possibility.

And it's pink.

Maybe vampires live there.


jesse said...

There is NO excuse not to have large windows these days. Cheap construction. Rental central.

Deb said...

sorry I didn't notice what colour it was??

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice any flowers in the front yard. I quess for some a simple hedge provides zenlike beauty.

solipsist said...

jesse - I agree

deb - I had to go back and look at the picture to be sure, but it'

Wu'kong said...

Keep in mind that people are coming here from all over the world.

Case in point: my aunt and her neighbours. All three came to north Burnaby around the same time (about 15 years) from Africa. They were used to high crime and spectacularly inventive/desparate criminals.

Thus .... 3 huge houses (all 3500+ sqft, 8000+ sqft lots, about $1M each) with features like: bars on every door and window AND SKYLIGHT; bulletproof glass (which is noticeable when you look closely); and windows/openings of limited size.

I can't stomach the properties, but I grew up in Canada and have somewhat of a different view of my neighbours.

Wu'kong said...

Btw, look at the bush in front. Is it any wonder ths house is pink?

p.s. roof looks great

solipsist said...

Keep in mind that people are coming here from all over the world.

Good point, but why come to Canada and cage one's self? Did they not know that it is relatively safe and peaceful here? Is that not why people come here (beyond the economic potentials)? Else, why not move to Jamaica, El Salvador, or such?

I have spent a lot of time in the "third world", and always felt safe - with much less security than is employed here.

If someone was building corrugated tin shacks, or huts of dung and straw, because that is what they came from, they would make the curb appall list too.

It's safe to spread one's wings here, and leave your front door unlocked.

solipsist said...

wu'kong - do you mean the bush that looks like a heart?

I still think it's a grow-op, or a bawdy house.

Wu'kong said...

do you mean the bush that looks like a heart?
Yup -- I think that house is meant to be a big engagement ring box.

but why come to Canada and cage one's self?
Cultural norms and an adult mind. They're coming to Canada with much higher than average wealth and buying houses that advertise it. I doubt they would feel comfortable taking the "leap" into a safer place right away. The bars probably feel comforting to them.

Babybull40 said...

At least it's not purple... Have you seen any other odd houses..?
I could not would not live in a pink house..

si fu said...

Obviously a love shack or indoor farm...

RentingSucks said...

I made the mistake with a coworker years go making fun of pink monster houses.

His reply was "It's called Santa Fe Rose." I still chuckle when I think about that.

solipsist said...

[start music here] Do you know the way to Santa Fe Rose? [end music]

Oh, that was San Jose.


Dave said...

The reason this house is dull and the windows are small is because it's a spec house, meaning it was built on the speculation that someone would buy it. Even worse, it looks like it's a 1980's spec house, which was an especially tacky era of architectural history. Anyways, builders build spec house quick and cheap, they operate on quantity, not quality. The quickest and most profitable thing to build is basically a square box that maximizes the square footage allowed on the lot, then use small off the shelf windows (and doors) and the cheapest easy to apply siding. Not only do small windows cost less than big ones, they're easier to install, which requires less labour, and consequently less money. The same thing is being built today, it's just that today the typical spec house is a tacky looking fake craftsman style.