Wednesday, June 27, 2007

curb appeal - the love shack

Back to my favourite subject of late (there really seems so little to comment on).

I found this quirky little gem that stands out like a diamond ring on a sore thumb. It does not fit into the neighbourhood at all - surrounding houses are post-war, Vancouver Specious, or Vancouver Specials.

I don't know if it is old or new, but I like the look of it, and would like to see more of such. I do have the idea that it is newer construction.

Let's call it the love shack.

Sorry for the crappy photo', I took it on the fly.


aetakeo said...

I. Love. This. House.

Babybull40 said...

Love the Love Shack.. it's cosy and quaint with those windows..Nothing wrong with it from what I can see..

Jojuchst said...

Seems rather odd to have the steeple tucked in at the valley of the 2 roofs. Now you don't have window on all sides. Otherwise not bad.

Personally I prefer the clean lines of modern architecture.

Wu'kong said...

All I can say is that house isn't complete unless there's a rooster weathervane on top of that steeple.

solipsist said...

jojuchst - I like the clean lines of Modern too, but I like ginger bread just as much.

Really, I like anything that has had some effort put into it's aesthetic. Boxes are for shipping, and keeping junk in. Since there is little possibility of shipping a familly anywhere in a Vancouver Specious(TM), or a Vancouver Special, the occupants must be junk?

wu'kong - I agree about the weather vane. A whale (vane) would be good too.

solipsist said...

aetakeo - glad to please your sensibilities.

babybull - glad you love it too.

Thanks for commenting all.

NM real estate said...

definitely an interesting color scheme, but beautiful architecture.

solipsist said...

"definitely an interesting color scheme"

It looks a lot better in analog - that is what I meant by the crappy photo'.

Anonymous said...

yah i love this house...this is my neighbor....we are just few house beside this house...lovely architecture.