Saturday, September 13, 2008

living large

or not.

Here is an alternative to the 2,100 sq. ft. junk boxes that plague our fair landscape - a mobile mini-manse that has less of a foot print than a Cadillac SUV. Low cost, and low emission, it costs only $6/month to heat, and $10K to build. No landlords either. Why throw your money away on rent? It is an answer to the land shortage - there are so many roads, and soon, nobody will be able to afford to drive.

Spiced by some other of my readings on the dark days that are rolling down upon us, my mind turned to The Grapes of Wrath, and the Joads' plight. This little love shack would have been perfect for them.

Okay, so that might do for a single, or maybe a very loving couple, but what about the kiddies? I'm glad that I asked, it seems that there is a solution for that too - the folding house!

It looks a bit problematic as far as the furniture and appliances though, I guess you would need a 5 ton truck to carry that stuff around, and tow the trailer. Need a crew cab for the kids.


M- said...

Neat-- that fold-out house is cool!

Rent3r said...

Am I the only one hoping real houses look like that fold-out house?

Toronto realtor said...

that looks like the nightmare for the realtors like me:o)
And it'll be a gold mine for car resellers, especially the ones who specialize to SUV's and trucks.
But there are some tricky facts.
As you noticed, you'll need a truck to transport all the furniture with the house. And, another problem-in video they say that it takes two hours to unfold the house. Alright, it may be true, but how long it will take to move all the furniture into the house?
I like the first solution more, but that toilet right in the living room and without doors? That stinks...
So, maybe the real estate market isn't as endangered as I thought at first sight:o)