Sunday, September 28, 2008


BREAKING NEWS - 12:56 PM Monday,Sept. 29, 2008

The bail-out package has been rejected in Washington. TSX crashed 900 points today.

Make sure that all of your deposits are covered by CDIC. The shite is hitting the fan - now.
Back to testerday's post...

There are lots of media to speak, so I'm cutting short my rants, and will try to entertain you instead.

First viddy is Rick Mercer on the Cadman scandal. (2:10 in length)

The second (2:52 in length) is Stephen Harper, in his own words, regarding the "financial considerations" that were offered to Mr. Cadman.

Mr. Ignatieff asked: "Is it the prime minister's position that the people close enough to Chuck Cadman to know are lying, and if so, how are Canadians going to believe that he alone is telling the truth?"

CPAC-Nanos Tracking CP 36, LP 27, NDP 19, GP 9, BQ 9
With their 15 point margin last week, the campaign was looking like a runaway freight train for the Harper Conservatives. However, a number of new factors have diminished the Conservative lead, which is still comfortable, to 9 points.

First, Harper’s culture comments renewed BQ support in Quebec. Combine the Richardson comments related to immigrants causing crime and Harper’s comments asserting Dion wanted the economy to perform poorly and the gap narrowed from 15 to 9 points. These two comments represent a tenuous lifeline to the Liberal campaign.
I hope that trend continues.

Harper tried to ridicule "the arts" and cut funding. The CBC was once a great Canadian institution, and now is just a shadow of what it was. We have tens of thousands of people directly employed in BC's film industry. A lot of our clients work in it, and are already hurting. They (and we) won't be turning on the TV and getting pissed off with elitist galas, because things like cable are the first to go when money is short.

Speaking of elite galas;

Harper at an 18 course dinner (just hours after a 14 course lunch) at a conference on the global food crisis (exacerbated by ethanol production). (Too bad he doesn't have the class to keep his elbows off the table. My Grandma would straighten him out!)

Summit that's hard to swallow - world leaders enjoy 18-course banquet as they discuss how to solve global food crisis

Laureen Harper at the Gala Juno Dinner

Then there is the elite Conservative caucus, and Laureen Harper rubbing shoulders with every-day Canadians at a literary gala; H/t to James Curran
Laureen Harper at literary gala with Minister of Environment John Baird in background

Minister Jay Hill (and House Speaker Peter Milliken) at the same gala with Julie Couillard (she sure gets around...)

Minister Jasob Kenney and his "date" (well, he doesn't have a girlfriend, or wife.) He seems to like terrorists too. Tory MP attended rally for group on terror list

And here is the very elite Vic Toews (and his son - who's evening you paid for!) at that same gala.

In my riding (Van.-Kingsway, it looks as if the NDP candidate is the only one who actually lives here, and is involved. It looks as if the Con. candidate is not attending - he needn't bother anyhow, he hasn't a hope in hades. I have some questions to pose at the all-candidates' meeting. Are you going to your local meeting? Ask them how long they have lived there, and whether they were nominated by the riding association. I'll bet that most Con. candidates will not be present. Try sending an e-mail, or calling them. See if they will answer your questions.


kabloona said...

Harpo's trained monkeys don't need to show up for all-candidates debates; they're getting a free ride in the MSM from the likes of CTVs Bobby "butt-sniffer" Fife. All Bobby talks about is how Harpo is "strong" and Dion is "weak".
Strategy seems to be working....too bad Libs didn't go with Iggy.


solipsist said...

getting a free ride in the MSM

That is just it. But don't think that they would treat Ignatieff any more favourably. The Liberal agenda is not the agenda of (MSM) big business.

I don't like Ignatieff, and sure wouldn't want to see him as PM. Dion was the right choice for Canada, but the wrong choice for the Liberal Party, IMHO. (that sounds contradictory perhaps, but think about it)

Something to think about as far as "strong/weak" perceptions - anger is a symptom of fear (ask any psychologist or psychiatrist), and Harper is an angry man (as is most of his caucus). Dion is not. I would always trust someone who is not frightened over someone who is. Fear fogs thinking.

kabloona said...

Sure, I didn't like Iggy, either...mostly for his pro-Iraq war, "sometimes-ya-just-gotta-torture-an-Arab" opinions. But this campaign so far has been the lamest I've seen since Kim "2-seat" Campbell....some of that must be Dion's fault if he can't generate enough enthusiasm from the rank-and-file.

Anyway, Iggy's preferable to Harpo. Personally, I feel Harpo was/is eminently beatable. I don't think Bob Rae would fly in Iggy would have been the Libs best bet, utilizing my usual 20/20 hindsight.

Anonymous said...

(ask any psychologist or psychiatrist), and Harper is an angry man (as is most of his caucus). Dion is not. I would always trust someone who is not frightened over someone who is. Fear fogs thinking.

You're relying on a made-up science like psych to help you decide who to vote for? That disqualifies you from being eligible to vote.

solipsist said...

You're relying on a made-up science like psych to help you decide who to vote for?

Psychology is not a science so much as a dicipline. Go ask your Friends of Science friends.

You are making an assumption that I use psychological metrics to make my decisions. Either you have not read what I have so laboriously written here, or you have a reading comprehension decicit. In the latter case, it is you who should be ineligible to vote. If the former, you are ineligible to comment here.

That's the problem - people making decisions on personality and ad campaigns, rather than on policy, and candidate history.

alexcanuck said...

I was listening to CKNW, Christie Clark show. She ripped the "Sweater Vest" ads up one side and down the other. No substance, just the same lifestyle and mood as most condo advertising. ( Gotta keep it RE focussed) Avoid any real policy, just appeal to emotion. Harper is like Daddy, big world scary, Daddy protect you.
After that open phones, and 10 in a row say some variation on "I'm voting Harper because I trust him", "He'll be tough on criminals" and "He'll run the economy well"
Well, I don't, he will but that won't help much with the real issues, and he won't.
Does advertising truly work on that many people that well?

solipsist said...

Gah, I must be too tired - 2 comments up, I wrote "dicipline", when I meant to write discipline.

Note to self; solipsist, you are making a lot of typographical errors, and are not catching them through proof-reading. Stop it!

Does advertising truly work on that many people that well?

In a word, yes.

Most people get their news from Global, CTV, CH, CKNW, etc., and they are all CanWest Global/Asper junk - aimed at the lowest intellectual base. There ought to be a law...

And people wonder why I am home-schooling.

BearClaw said...


What could be done about Canwest Global? I think they should be forced to liquidated everything except one source in one region. I would vote for the party that would do this.

Anyway I have covered Canwest and how they force feed information in the past. Its sickening.

shameless plug

Back this spring they interviewed Don Campbell and he talked about the top Irish banks (plural) buying real estate in Calgary. Now there is an article stating new community propmotions are attracting 5000-6000 people. No pictures either. I simply do not believe it.

solipsist said...

bearclaw - plug away (I'll do my bestest to link you asap).

Yeah, they have anti-racketeering laws, but they never use them. They'd rather bust teen agers, and people with chronic disease for smoking a bit of grass. Lock 'em up, and let us bring back capital punishment.

Stephen Truscott was 14 when sentenced to hang for a crime that he did not commit.

David Milgaard spent 23 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit when he was 16.

And these Conservatives want to have 14 year olds subject to mandatory life sentences, while at the same time, raisng the age of consent to 16.

It is not about the rule of law, it is about control, and the media is the Goebbelsian instrument. Marshall McLuhan wrote all about that.

Circii and spectacles. Flashing lights and mendacious mantras.