Sunday, September 21, 2008

not nanos

put yer mouse over the picky, and clicky, and it will get biggy.

Thanks to everyone for voting. I am gratified by the interest, and the discussion. I am so, because it seems that more people are invested in our social futures than not. I hope that those who are not interested in this election are visitors from other countries, and not Canadians (but then again, I am always interested in their elections, so why not?). I feel everyone ought to take an interest, because so much is dependent on what our governments (and agencies, like Health Canada, CFIA, BoC, CMHC, EI, for starters) are doing. A new Free Trade Pact with the EU if Harper is re-elected? (I'll get to that)

I have to disclose that I made the first answer on the poll @ There is an election?. I put the question about Obama in for fun, and I don't know if the votes are from American visitors who are actually voting for him, or people having fun back. Both are totally cool with me. Overall though, it seems that there is an interest, and so I will rant on as I can. Mostly, it will be a deluge of links, with some commentary (I really don't have a lot of time!) I like that the comments have been measured and reasonable too. I don't mind what your brand of politics, it's great that you have them! I like debate, so I will counter stuff like "a tax on everything", "he can't speak English", "she's a fat American who worked for Brian Mulroney"... you get it. I admit to being facile with my photoshop, but that was just the artist in me. Plus, it was funny! Harper didn't look sinister at all, he looked like a kid - all dressed up. My point is, let's not make slurs and such. Let's talk about facts, with links. I am obviously not too keen on Hapless and his henchmen though.

I'll toss a bone to those who just want RE, and do my best to illustrate how RE and this election are joined at the hip. And I will intersperse it with Vancouver RE stuff - 'cause I still care. Besides, it's only 3 more weeks, so house prices will only slide $15 G's or so. Inventory will start to swell even more, Foreclosures will start kicking in. Employment will be down a bit. A couple of projects will go into receivership, or be cancelled... Further, more people are going to vote for Obama, and the other two that didn't know there is an election (unless of course everyone is pulling my leg!) beat out the Survivor fan and CTV.

And that is why this is not Nanos (but here is a link )

Tomorrow: Debunking the Green Shift Prevarications. And Turning The Corner - Only To Find a Washed-Out Bridge.

Oh, and farewell to summer. Tomorrow there will be more night than day, and it won't be equitable again until The Waters of March. Sigh.


Alan said...

And they're off ... Political Compass Canada 2008

solipsist said...

Thanks alan.

solipsist said...

And I felt that the Greens were further right than the Liberals...

I graphed just about right on top of Mahatma Gandhi. Any wonder I am down on the Cons?, or that I am not big on the Libs?

I was surprised that the Bloc is so far left (according to the Political Compass). I viewed them as pretty central. Is the Bloc vote really going to go Con?!

Will said...

I clicked "I'm voting for Obama" but then I am a dual citizen and between both countries only one gives me a chance to vote for the figurehead of a country. Now looking at my riding? Blech. Do I even have a choice? Not really. The Liberal candidate has by far the most impressive resume but I am not impressed with the Libs reactionary campaigning. The Tory candidate is unproven and I really like the Tories as a fairly co-operative minority. The NDP? A pipedream, really. I like Jack and Olivia (the heart and soul) but their past performance has been less than desirable (though at least this time we don't have a diamond thief on the ticket). The Green party? I'm sorry. I like the Green in your name and that is about all. Keep up the fight though!

So what choice do I have?

Strataman said...

I'm (-3.62) Economic and (-1.90) Social; Just to the right of Gandhi! interesting fun test. Damn!! :-)

Will said...

Here's a link to Barack Obama's Greatest Speech... You should think one of our party leaders could deliver something equivalent: