Friday, December 05, 2008


What a week, huh?

The November RE numbers are out (as reported by CBC Newsworld a couple of days ago), and Vancouver is 70% down in sales, and prices (benchmark, if I recall correctly) are off 12.3% since May 08. Flippers in Paradise? More like a floppers with a pair of dice, and they've crapped out. Shucks.

OJ, oh, OJ. You are up shite creek now. Justice delayed is still justice - especially when meted out on such a cretin as you by your own doing. Up to 33 years. Try swinging the babes when you are 94, Old Jerk.

The picture up top is from here. If you want a trippy look at reality, check out (the Late) Terence McKenna. (the Late) Timothy Leary rated him as one of the six most important people alive. They are both toast now, and they both have, er, reputations, but if you have an open and adventurous mind, there are some interesting avenues of thought - far removed from benchmark prices, but strangely relevant to granite counter-tops (or counter-culture, at the least).

That vague reference is the best prologue that I can think of for a comment on what is happening to our poor, beleaguered, bewitched, and bewildered land of Canada. I've got to get away from that though, it only brings out partisanship and talking points, and sound bites from the six o'clock news. A great harm has been done to our country this week. Whether one supports this, or that, doesn't really matter. Precedents have been set, and we have no Parliament in what is about to become very desperate times. "The Big 3" have lined up at the trough, and asked for $6 billion, which they are going to get, with no Parliamentary debate what-so-ever. We just pumped $25 billion into the banks, and they reported profits of some 13.9 billion (needs citation) in profits. Down from the $19 billion of last year, and the year before, and the year before. My bank account is down to less than a grand (I spent a lot on lobster and cognac), can I have a top-up too?

We have not yet really noticed what is coming, but it is coming. Pay attention. Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. How is that for a platitude?

Here is the best picture of Our Dear Leader that I have ever seen. What a clown whore. (no image credit, but I am pretty sure that it is from Image Factory, which is, I believe, of the CBC)

I loved Question Period last week when the Opposition was chanting "leader, leader" after Prentice got up and spoke (in reasonably reasonable tones - even if he is full of shite). Harper looked like he was having an aneurysm, and some painful haemorrhoids at the same time.

Christmas shopping will be a breeze this year for the recently laid-off, there will be no money to shop with. Sorry kids, but we will have to sell one of you for medical experiments. The malls will not be too busy for those with money.

We are giving li'l solipsist an empty can to collect rainwater, and a ruler. I'll make a fancy box for it, and call it the Lower-Mainland Mini Meteorologist Mean Measurement of Precipitation kit (patent pending).

I smell a new cottage industry that The Dragons might be interested in.


Anonymous said...

OJ has his justly deserved death sentence for the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. Most likely at his own hand so he doesn't have to face the shanks of his prison mates, after a few gang rapes where the big guys will hold him down while the HIV-infested usual recipients of such merriment partake, to the cheering of the prison guards.

Hustling girls at 90? You must be joking.

Canada will fare much better. Oh, but you're really pissed off the conservatives in your audience now... LOL.

solipsist said...

Hustling girls at 90? You must be joking.

Well, yeah.

really pissed off the conservatives

It is unfortunate if I have. I can see pissing off personality cultists, but like any cult victim, they are very difficult to persuade of their wrong-headedness, and usually require an intervention, and de-programming.

I have never voted Liberal in my life, and can't see it in any near future. I have voted Progressive Conservative, but these "Conservatives" are no such thing. They have spent money like drunken Liberals on meth, and their wider agenda is very, very troubling.

I am not partisan, and I am not "patriotic" (both are an abrogation of mindfulness), but I love this country that I grew up in, and it is being destroyed by Harper and his back room handlers.

Get the Progressive back into the conservatism, and I might even vote for them myself. But never, ever with Harper on the scene.

Anonymous said...

well alot of action since the train wreck...

i luv yur style, yur prety excited rigth now, me too...

let's make love before it all go down in flames,lol


Anonymous said...

from charlie or theOne with luv,lol


solipsist said...

anon/charlie - if you are of the xx chromosomal persuasion, and are not loonie, yes, "let's make love". (you are confusing me a bit with "xxx", and "xxxxxxx")

Just don't tell my kid's mother, ok?

Anonymous said...

Hey, patriotism in Canada is far better deserved than patriotism in the US. I can say that because I unfortunately am down here.

But not for long. :)

Art Vandelay said...

If you think any of the other parties would be doing anything different, you are deluded.

The political class will always steal my money to buy votes and give it to their friends in corporate Canada.

All politicians are evil. That's the lesson from this fiasco.

We need to get beyond the brand.

solipsist said...

We need to get beyond the brand.

I could not agree more, Art.

Anonymous said...

Art. Bang on there!!

I don't know if I'd go "all politicians are evil", but the evil ones always seem to rise to the surface :-(


Anonymous said...

Along with pharmacologia, Terence McKenna was obsessed with the same thing as ``singularity'' proponents like Ray Kurzweil. (They're all nucking futs. At least Terence wore it on his sleeve rather than try and sound reasonable.)

Anonymous said...

No more!
Can someone else launch the site?
Where will the regulars go?


Scullboy said...

For once, I'm feeling calm.

Perhaps its because I've already lost my home and savings because of bad luck over the last few years. Everything I worked for and thought important is gone, yet the sun still comes up. Food still tastes good. I still smile and laugh and joke, perhaps more freely now then I ever did before.

All beginnings spring from an end. We are forever finding ourselves after being expelled from Eden. And of course all this has happened before and it will happen again.

So.... take a deep breath everyone, and go walk along the sea wall. Everything will be ok.