Wednesday, December 10, 2008



I wrote about the pope packing it in, but it seems that due to popular demand, he is considering other avenues (an assumption that the pope is XY, and not XX). condohype has made an excellent comment today, and the pope reproduced the affair here.
Prior to sending a cease and desist regarding the language via our Legal staff, if the matter can be resolved internal it would be preferred.
RE: Identification of site management

Further to the changes as outlined below which we expect to be implemented immediately, we also request that...

...this email will serve as notification with respect to our requests and will be kept on file and further forwarded to our legal department. (bolding is mine)
That is threatening language, thinly veiled, in my view.

I was surprised by the pope's announcement, but at the same time, was not. I became somewhat bored with RE when the top was in, and now it seems a slow fall to bottom - like a feather from a humming bird. La-la-la. Big news would be the whole danged flock of humming birds falling from the sky like so much hail. Further, I have either alienated, or bored, many readers. Having these kinds of bombs dropped on you can dampen ones enthusiasm, and instill cynicism further. I too have had a letter with mention of libel, civil proceedings, subpoena, etc. - in regard to some anonymous comments that did verge on libel. I removed the comments, but did not alter my post. That satisfied the complainant, and the pope has done similarly.

It can be daunting to keep it fresh, and RE related, which his eminence did well. There has been so much financial and political intrigue too, it is almost useless trying to write about either - they are both so colossally fragged up. I'm just finding everything to be surreal, if predicted, these days. I have had a hard time keeping up - my toddler is a terror (in the best of ways), and demands and deserves a lot of attention. I often start posts that end up saved as drafts, because I lose the rhythm, and the post becomes senseless (this is one of those). Pages sit open for days awaiting comment, until the news is stale, and there are 10 new essays to write every day.

I seem to have misrepresented the situation with VCI this AM (as pointed out by Many Franks), and hope that I have done better in my redaction. It was really about the photoshop, and I rushed the writing. I was distracted.

All the best, your eminence, and thanks for all the laughs, news, and traffic.


Anonymous said...

Pope did *not* receive a cease and desist demand. The REBGV said that they would rather deal with it internally than involve the legal department (full text of the correspondence at Condohype). Forgive my frustration, but that's sloppy.

Anonymous said...

...for that matter, AFAIK, neither did the board claim not to like his graphs, nor did they object to any of the comments on the blog. Solipsist, I like the blog, but I really think you're pushing speculation as fact.

solipsist said...

Yes, it was sloppy. I read the e-mails very quickly over at condohype, but was distracted by goings on here. I also spent more time on the photoshop than the writing - again very short of time, and peace for concentration.

Perhaps life without bogging would not hurt so much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Solipsist -- I'm just trying to keep a muddy situation from becoming even muddier. I appreciate your work on this blog and its particular brand of humour. The photoshop is great. On this particular issue, though, it's my opinion that the bear blogs have gone uncharacteristically astray.

streel said...

Excellent job on the photoshop, I think that it is one of your best. It actually made me laugh out loud. NICE!

Anonymous said...

great photo!


solipsist said...

Thanks, many thanks, for all of your comments.

Art Vandelay said...

A libel suit needs to prove damages to succeed, so tell whoever's trying to put the fear of God into you to cram it.

Anonymous said...


When did you sneak my "power close" jacket out of my closet? LOL!!!

solipsist said...

Art - it was about a certain staging company, and the comments were somewhat salacious, and, anonymous. I seem to remember offering the anon. to restate them with name and e-mail, or such.

I just don't need the hassle. There is something called unspecified damages, and they are just that. Courts can be a drag - even when you are right. Litigious intimidation is the new censorship in the New World Order.

You may have heard of the older couple in the Interior who were successfuly sued by a developer for things said in what they thought was the privacy of their own home, but were surreptitiously recorded by an agent of the developer. It cost them a lot.

I take license, but try to stay within defensible grounds.

solipsist said...

Larry - you are such a thug! Don't tell the boys.

blueskies said...


fantastic graphic!

now you are going to hear from
the lawyers of the aggrieved
biker types....... and it won't be via email.....

more like a horse head in your bed... :-)

solipsist said...

blueskies - bring 'em on!

patriotz said...

...for that matter, AFAIK, neither did the board claim not to like his graphs, nor did they object to any of the comments on the blog

So why didn't they just STFU if they didn't have any problem? They were harassing the Pope, pure and simple. And yes I read the full exchange at condohype.

You wouldn't be a realtot by any chance?

BearClaw said...


Great photoshop!

Many Franks,

Meh. The REBGV were within their legal right but after reading the email closely there was a certain tone to it which seems unnecessary for the first contact with someone who appears to be cooperating and respectful.

Note the title of the email
"Identification of site management"

"We are requesting that site management for please identify themselves and forward their contact information as such."

"Further to our request it would be appreciated if site management would identify themselves appropriately."

"Further to the changes as outlined below which we expect to be implemented immediately,..."

Anonymous said...

Patriotz, no, I'm not a realtor. The board *did* STFU after Pope dealt with the graph, which is the only thing they ever complained about. They didn't push him on the anonymity thing, they didn't nickle-and-dime him to death with little changes, they just contacted him about a single issue and got it resolved.

BearClaw, agreed, their tone was abrasive. On the other hand, I've heard that same tone a hundred times in emails from strangers, and I don't think it's justification for the conspiracy theories flying around. My first posts on this thread probably sound abrasive too. (Sorry, Solipsist.)

My point at the top of the thread is that Solipsist's original post was incorrect on a couple important points. He agreed and fixed it immediately. The reason I was frustrated is that conspiracy theories (e.g. "Many Franks is a realtot") bug me and I didn't want to see this one fueled by a couple careless sentences.

Scullboy said...

Hey Sol:

Did you see Kung POW? It's this old chop socky movie a guy overdbbed with humorous effects. In that movie the villian's mane was Ming - Lo, but he insisted everyone call him Betty.

Kind of reminded me of your spammer. :)