Sunday, December 28, 2008


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Great deals out there

Vince sent me an e-mail asking for my reaction to the article linked above. Thanks for the e-mail Vince, I appreciate all e-mails.

I thought it to be a well written article. It had well placed platitudes -

I have heard both doomsday predictions and rosy outlooks. From this, I conclude that right now people are looking for direction. They are looking for some semblance of where the market is going, when the opportunities will emerge and how to best act on those events. (sic)

biased factoids -

While I cannot predict the short term fluctuations of the market I can offer insight based on MPC Intelligence's experience observing and documenting Metro Vancouver's development market.

I can provide some simple facts about the current market that will better allow consumers to sort through the fact and the fiction in the months ahead.

fallacious mythology -

The Chinese proverb says, "May you live in interesting times." (I have dealt with that before) (sic)

acronymic company titles -

MPC Intelligence... (and they are, who?),

and generally unbiased positivity. Vapid writing for the vapid and vacillating venture capitalists who still have way too much money to lose.

From a Google search for MPC Intelligence - MPC Intelligence reminds our customers that we are here to help in every way shape and form. We are working near round the clock to deliver ..., and - MPC Intelligence assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies provided by the ... MPC Intelligence is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of ... I am always so encouraged when a marketing group has disclaimers in their headlines. "Near round the clock", no less... Hang on, I'm going to give them a call... OK, so Jennifer Podmore (the author of the Vancouver Sun "article"), is a Managing Partner of MPC Intelligence! Qu'elle surprise! Another great surprise - MPC Intelligence is not really available around the clock... I called at 12:45 AM, and was advised that their business hours are "from 9-5, Monday through Friday". MPC Intelligence - contact

So, Vince, I think that the "article" is another piece of shill from the Vancouver Sun. A pumper for the developers is trying to get you to buy. Why even read it? My own take is that, if prices have retreated by 15%, they have another 35% to go - minimum. And that is if there is not a depression. If that happens, see the previous post featuring Detroit "mansions" for three hundred dollars.

I will not eviscerate the "article" further, that would be unseemly.

See, I'm a "journalist" too! All it takes is Google!


Anonymous said...

from the article:

The reality is, if you are looking to buy a home, there are some great deals if you act today.

they forgot "Please please pretty please."

there are three kinds of "buyers"

1. those that have to sell
before they can buy.... and we all know how that is going

2. those that have to borrow substantial amounts of money
to transact.... talk to a bank recently?

3. those with ready cash...
all 5 in Vancouver could probably fit in a phone booth.


Anonymous said...

An unbiased article from the daughter of one of the biggest RE developers in Vancouver. David Podmore of Concert Properties

solipsist said...

Our economy was built on supplying useless stuff to people without real money, and now we don't know what to do next.

Looking back now, one would reasonably wonder how so many people could have been so stupid, but it's not really out of character.

Gullibility is another dominant human trait that has survived through the centuries.

Part of the problem is that the typical modern person doesn't actually know very much and is too lazy to find out. To many, just about anything sounds credible. Our schools have done their bit by de-emphasizing the acquisition of actual knowledge in favour of learning how to learn. If we want to know something, we Google it.

That just about sums up the RE market.

patriotz said...

those with ready cash...
all 5 in Vancouver could probably fit in a phone booth.

There are actually a lot more than that, but they are all waiting for the bottom to buy. That's why they have cash.

Anonymous said...

Nailed me...

Anonymous said...

Is Jennifer Podmore any relation to David Podmore? The same David Podmore who owned Concert Properties?

Anonymous said...

More Vancouver Sunny Real Estate forecasts. What the heck is MPC?
I have heard of MP3.

Anonymous said...

A solipsist, in case you don’t happen to know the word, is one who believes that he himself is the only thing that really exists, that other people and the universe in general exist only in his imagination, and that if he quit imagining them, they would cease to exist.

solipsist said...

anon - I know very well the meaning, and thus, my choice of moniker.

You did not really think you have free will, did you? I'm paying more attention to you now. See the doctor that I created for you, and tell her that I said that it is a bone spur. Eat more cilantro, and cut out the filterers like clam, shrimp, crab, etc. The blemishes will clear in ten days. Stop kicking the cat, or I'll turn her into a Rottweiler.