Friday, March 07, 2008

affordable condos

Shanghai Thunder sent this image to me (thanks Shanghai!), and the next day, my cousin in Florida sent it to me as well. I just had to post it for some comic relief.

I'm too brain-dead to come up with any quirky quips, or funny fictions, so I'll leave it for you all to do.

Average price in Vancouver now some $970k (un-freakin'-believable!). When will the madness end?

Oh, I guess the new 50 year amortization mortgage will make that affordable.

Good grief!


Jared said...

Isn't that what those shipping container units are going to look like in whistler?

Jared said...

Containers suggested for Whistler's housing shortage:

Anonymous said...

Rennie Marketing Systems is proud to present....Legopolis Mews. This is an unbelievable opportunity. There is literally no other project like this. Get in now, do not be left out of this fantastic project. With prices starting at only $2,500 per sq ft, imagine the warmth and glow your life will have living in this community. Picture yourself in a lifestyle that so many others can only dream of. Tastefully decorated exteriors evoke the timeless sense of a Portugese fishing village. Each unit is unique while complementing the overall vision of this elegant, communal oasis. Interior finishings offer the highest degree of creativity, no detail has been spared. Don't hesitate, your future awaits.

Deb said...

where is this place. I love it. I would live there, at the top particularly.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's like a sci-fi story I read; was supposed to be Japan...and people crashed at night in these little pod-like coffins/shipping boxes. Instead of having an "apartment", they stored themselves in boxes.

I can see that being a real economic plus in Vancouver. We don't really need a home, we can just wander around all day and then hide in a little box at night. Makes perfect sense to a robot.

Paul said...

It's on Deb. Multiple offers for the penthouse. Views of the Piggton farm.

Anonymous said...

But where are the models, and martinis by the pool like the brochure and Bob Rennie promised...

- Amarulaman

solipsist said...

But where are the models, and martinis by the pool

Is that a photoshop challenge? I think it is!

where is this place. I love it.

I have no idea where it is, but on a certain level, it appeals my my artist's asthetic. Legopolis indeed.

The whole idea of shipping containers is interesting too. A leak-free prefab module for 2500 bucks offers a lot of opportunity if one breaks out of the box.

It reminds me of Habitat at Expo 67.

like a sci-fi story I read

Those morgue drawers actually exist in Japan. I've seen 'em with mine own eyes. In Hong Kong, people live in 50 square foot boxes. I've seen them too.

Thanks for leading my crazed mind on all.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious stuff. Albeit painful.

Solipsist, you sound like I feel.

Can this feeling of near despair that many of us "waiters" are experiencing be construed as contrarian?

Geeez. Never thought I would but at times I get caught in a panic moment thinking it WILL never go down.

Rationally, I know better but I can sure understand what you're going through.

Forgive me if I've read you wrongly.

Anonymous said...

case in point: how did crooks get mortgages not once but trice when they did not have a fat bank account and lived on $33k income a year?
“Immigration officials and Chinese police allege the three men were part of a group that transferred ($150-million) out of banks and into bogus Canadian companies. “

RCMP surveillance records show Mr. Gao did little to attract attention. The documents say Li Dongzhe, who they call the driving force behind the embezzlement, lived extravagantly. Mr. Gao, 52, drives a blue Mazda. Mr. Li had three BMWs and bought a house in Vancouver worth $3-million.“

“In another hearing yesterday to re-evaluate whether Mr. Gao should now be released, Alannah Hatch, lawyer for the CBSA, argued that he poses a flight risk and is unlikely to show up for removal from Canada.
Last week, RCMP obtained access to a safety-deposit box being used by Mr. Gao's wife, Li Xue.
Inside, police say they found the equivalent of $37,000 in three different currencies: non-convertible Chinese yuan, U.S. dollars and Korean won.”

“The couple's residential properties,
(purchased in 2005 @ $319K and 2006 @ $545K respectively)
which include their house and a rental property,
are both heavily mortgaged.
The family have been surviving on
Ms. Li's income as a child care worker of $33,000 a year.“
(Their 1st purchased was a unit at 1111 W Pender in 2002, that was sold in 2005 for a huge big profit.)

“Nearly 800 Chinese economic criminals are on the run internationally, the China Daily says, and some $70 billion is involved in their crimes.“

Anonymous said...


It's nice to see that even though your sick your sense of humour is very much in tact.

Remember that UFO pod housing that didn't work out in Taiwan, maybe they can move them over in time for the Olympics.

Here are the abandon pod housing photos. Actually quite complementary to the photo you have posted.


Grumpus said...

This definitely looks post-hurricane.

Sadly, transplant this to the GVRD and I still think it would be out of my league.

Comment 3: "Legopolis Mews", that was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

"Remember that UFO pod housing that didn't work out in Taiwan, maybe they can move them over in time for the Olympics."

Cool link, Coco. Interesting stories about that place. It would be dandy for Whistler ... those pods come with black mold and legends of evil spirits. What more could you ask for? :)

Anonymous said...

The Sunday Province had a spoof about realtors Vancouver housing.

*Home with nature at your fingertips*

Hello, my name is Pam and I'm the realtor who's been sending you all those little pads of paper with the perky picture of me at the top that say "Hi, I'm Pam -- and I wanna be your realtor!"
As you know from my latest flyer, I've just sold a beautiful detached unit a block from you for an amount that equals the Gross National Product of Suriname.

Those who've taken a drive past the address might say, "But that's a bush."

Actually it's an entry-level shrub that will give a young couple a chance to build the equity they'll need to move up to a bush --and eventually maybe even into a unit in the local new highrise condo development, La Treezia.

Those of you who have visited La Treezia might say, "But, it's a tree."

We realtors see it as the next stage in Lower Mainland condo living -- one that combines affordability with a green, eco-friendly philosophy.

Several branches are still available at La Treezia -- but they're going fast.

Just call me, Pam, for a viewing. I wanna be your realtor!

(the stories on the page all run together, but this one starts about 2/3 down.)