Monday, March 10, 2008

ghost town

Thanks to coco for alerting us to Podopolis Place in Taiwan. She was right; it fits in well with Legopolis Mews of the last post, but seems to once have had greater ambitions.

It looks quite nice from a distance; lush, tropical, and colourful...

...but as the view zooms in, the decay starts to show.

The elements are slowly rendering the abandoned project back into the landscape (although, the bio-degradability is suspect), and the place is said to be inhabited by ghosts. According to custom/superstition, places that house spirits are seldom torn down, so this place will fester for years to come... the sea slowly works it's way in.

Haunted by ghosts, huh? That is an interesting topic for another post.

(I tried to get a view on Google Earth, but it keeps crashing on me!)

Update - I got a Google Earth shot, and a picture of the Space Ostrich. Seems the place is now an avian space flu research laboratory.


Deb said...

reminds me of habitat from expo 67. Anyone remember this?

Deb said...

okay now you;ve really got me searcing the net. Check out living in a shipping container.

solipsist said...

habitat from expo 67. Anyone remember this?

I'm dating myself, but I actually stayed in an apartment there during Expo '67.

Anonymous said...

That's alright, Sol.

All of this will pass, and we will return to sanity.

I hope I live long enough to see it.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

I was watching a program the othr day about the World's Most Extreme Homes... They showed this mud hut house that cost something like 60,000 k.. Unbelievable.. But the interior was all made out of recycled material and it was quite sturdy and solid.. It was beautiful..

Anonymous said...


I love it. It looks great. Which one are you going to buy?


solipsist said...

That is a great concept Wife of a Hirsute Man.

I can't remember his name off-hand, but the guy who guided the trumpeter swans (or sand-hill cranes, or whatever), down to their wintering grounds with his ultra-light lives in a subterranean
home, and it is very nice. (there was a movie made)

Coco- I'm for the mountain views. Better fung shui, y'know - what with all those spooks around...