Wednesday, March 19, 2008

n is for neville...

...who died of ennui

I'm getting bored.

When will it start? Where will it end?

Was that "little" stock market stumble of today profit-taking, a small correction, or the beginning of the end? Do you think it will continue tomorrow? Betcha it does.

I liked this line quoted here yesterday - re-born Robber-Barons do not suffer fools or casual opportunists-instead they eat these 'hangers-on' that would have cluttered up their kill. Time to reap the harvest?

Okay, I forgot, Vancouver is...immune, or something. mohican busted the land shortage thing into 5 Easy Pieces. Well, we do have comparatively good weather. The Olympics are likely to be a bust though;
the Olympic Winter Games > Lake Placid, New York, U.S., 1932

The worldwide economic depression cast a shadow over the third Winter Olympics. Only 17 countries attended, represented by some 250 athletes, over half of whom were from Canada and the United States. The Games generated little revenue, and organizers, who had built a new stadium and bobsled run, suffered huge financial losses.

Encyclopedia Britannica
I have heard the words "depression" and "nineteen twenty-nine" quite a bit today - and in the MSM, no less. Weird though, I still see people cruising "For Sale" signs.

I have a feeling that Real Estate is going to be dropped as a topic of polite conversation very soon.

I'll be Blogging the Apocalypse (if I can afford to pay for electricity!).


Anonymous said...

Yeah Gashlycrumbs! My personal fave was Susan who perished of fits. We may see a few more like her by the time this unwinds...

As always Sol, appreciate your sense of humor in all its well-deserved morbidity.


solipsist said...

Glad to amuse mk. I always liked Neville, and Titus, who flew into bits. The one (Winnifred?) who was trapped in the ice was "cool" too.

It's good to laugh when things ain't funny!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful graphics and words.
Thanks for the history and insight. :)

Scullboy said...


I forgot about the Gashlycrumbs! My roomie was into them.

And thanks for the Krrish free blog. God, it'll be worth a global economic meltdown just to watch his reaction.

I guess it's like enjoying the sinking of the Titanic because you get enjoy the site of a rude waiter drowning in an icy sea.

Wow I really am kind of a jerk....

Strataman said...

solipsist "I'm getting bored." Great expression, opinion whatever. Me too. To bad time isn't relative Einstein was wrong! It's like watching a thriller in real slow motion, you know go to the bathroom, bake a pie and they are five minutes past where you left off three hours ago. Have a good weekend, actually think I'll make a pie or two for my family, more exciting!

solipsist said...

Thank you anon.

"E" is for Ernest, who choked on a peach.

scullboy - the best way I have found to deal with a surly waiter is to thank him/her profusely, and to over-tip. The next time they serve me, well, things are different.

strataman if you are baking two pies, will you need eight-and-forty blackbirds?

There is naught to this ennui that a little libation will not assuage.

Can I still be Chairman of the Bored?

Strataman said...

'Can I still be Chairman of the Bored?" I second the anonmynation. (that spelling being "a little libation ") Have fun everybody for sometime in the future we're all dead!