Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I just don't have any energy to post these last 7 days or so: first, I was engrossed in the "Cadscam" thang for a few days, then I started getting sick with the flu, and I am a stay-at-home-dad these days. I've been feeling pretty low, and I'm sorry not to have dreamed up some fantastic presentation for you.

BoC has cut rates by 50 basis points - which is significant - but it is not going to help the common consumer, and it will not stop the slide that has begun in RE, nor the lumber industry, nor the economy over-all. That is all getting pretty tired anyhow.

So maybe you would like to see my process for photoshopping? Again, I don't have the energy or time to be explicit, but you can get an idea from the source photographs below, and well, I hope you find it amusing.

I will be back in short order...I hope.


Anonymous said...

Get well...and thanks for being a beacon of reason in this sea of shite.

- Amarulaman

Oh and kick-ass photoshop job on the SS Wino.

Anonymous said...

Have a good rest :)
Rampant rental frauds cited in forums with international students from Japan, Korea, and China parting $3000 (2 month's rents + deposit) each to con artists placing ads in craiglist for Yaletown and Metrotown locations.

Strataman said...

solipsist " hmmm you could definitely make a good living doing that...I have some competition...ahh what do you charge? :-)

Strataman said...

By the way those Towers in the background several of which I manage..I was standing on the roof of one yesterday thinking "I wish I had my binocs...maybe I could see that raft!" Blush! :-)

Anonymous said...

Why are those foreign students paying $1200 a month for a 500sq ft box, when they can rent a room with local families for a little more than half that price?

They also have the option of taking meals with the families and thus improve their language skill.

solipsist said...

the SS Wino

That made me laugh. Thanks!

Too bad about the rental fraud. It does not surprise me. That is bound to leave a good impression of The Best Place in the Universe (to get ripped off).

ahh what do you charge

Everything is negotiable.

Did you see the raft?