Wednesday, March 12, 2008

speaking of spooks

I mentioned in the last post that there are rumoured to be spooks skulking about that Podcast-adrift project. Spooks are believed in by every culture, and pretty much by all, but for the most skeptical. One reason that those UFO pod houses are still there is that the locals believe that you are playing with danger by tearing down haunted houses.

The aboriginal cultures believe that their ancestors' spirits inhabit the land. I worked in the north in silviculture for ten years, and I have seen and heard some strange things, and I would tend to agree with the belief. I recall working in one valley where the anger at the pillage was palpable. I was not unique in noticing it.

The Rogers Mansion (now Romano's Macaroni Bar and Grill) downtown is well known to be haunted. I personally know the painter who encountered the spook, and he did not actually run out as reported in the article. He finished what he was doing. I also did work there, and we always worked at night. One night I was working with a friend when we heard crashing and banging from the kitchen area. We went and investigated, but found nothing. We were the only ones in the building, and we had all of the doors locked. Strange, but true.

I know a guy that used to live in Amityville, New York, and he said that while the movie sensationalized it (no kidding), there was a very strong basis of truth in it.

I have lived in a house with a spook for the last 8 years. Lots of weird stuff goes on, but we have a kind of agreement not to cast her out if she doesn't mess with us. There used to be two of them here, but one has left. I've only seen it out of the corner of my eye, but my mother-in-law, amongst others, has seen it full on. It's creepy, and I don't like it that much, but we still live here. I have a few pictures of it too, but I can't find them before press time.

So what to do if you buy a haunted house? If it's your house now, go ahead and help it on it's way (I have no suggestions on how to do that). Should you disclose the fact that you have spooks when selling a house? Have you ever thought about buying or renting a place, had a creepy feeling, and not followed through? My wife and I were going to rent a place on Semlin Dr. years ago, but when we went to look at it, a woman in a wheelchair answered the door. My wife and I both had a creepy feeling, and then the woman told us not to rent the place. She asked us if we noticed that the address added up to 13, and told us that she had the worst luck since moving there. She had walked into the place, and was now paralyzed from the waist down. Even stranger, about a year later, I was going through a box of discarded photographs behind a photo shop on the west side, and came across the girl in the chair's photographs of her and her friends doing the Can-Can. That was weird.

I know I'm an odd duck, but I also know that I'm not alone. Ever.


Do you have/have you had spooks? What did you do about it?
That's a bunch of bunk. There is no such thing as ghosts.
I have/had spooks, and I just accepted it.
I had my house blessed when I moved in.
I had to have my house exorcised.
I had to move. It just freaked me out too much.
My cat/dog/kid sees things that I can't see.
I have too-frequent light bulb burn-outs.
A lot of stuff goes missing in my house - like keys and such.
solipsist, you really need a vacation, or some shock therapy!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that, Sol. Amazing story about the would-be house rental.

I'm too left-brained to have encountered anything of interest. But, a close friend of mine is a sensitive and has had some similarly strange experiences as yours. A couple summers ago she attended a house-warming/BBQ party. She went into the bathroom, and because she was going to be in there for awhile, opened up the window and lit a cigarette. A vision of an old man appeared and shook his finger at her. She put out the cigarette and didn't say anything about it because the new owner was so thrilled about her home purchase.

A couple weeks later she found out the house was an estate sale and the previous owner had died of lung cancer.

There is all manner of things happening in other space/time continuums and I feel ripped-off that I can't access them. Guess, I'll just have to make do with lucid dreaming :)

Thanks again, Sol, for sharing your stories.

Tony Danza said...

I can sympathize with you Solip. I keep seeing this hideous, massive ghostly bubble sucking the soul of my city up inside of its gaping maw. No one else that I know can see it and they all think I'm crazy. I've been seeing it for years now and it keeps getting bigger and meaner, maybe I should consult an exorcist...

Anonymous said...

Tony, it's not you that needs an exorcist. Like a poster asked on one of our local blogs, "When will this evil bubble ever end"?

Waiting is the hardest part.

Paul said...

What about Gnomes?

Check this out!

Gnome terrorizes town

Anonymous said...

Hey Sol,

A bunch of years ago I lived in Stanley Park Manor, just west of Denman on Haro Street, it is a great old building and loads of rumors of hauntings, my manager had a few good stories & I could "feel" it. I had one encounter in particular with a hooded figure at the foot of my bed one night who's energy pinned me and when I demanded it turn and face me it disappeared. Crazy but true...

In our last apartment on beach, my husband & I ofetn noticed our cat watching things that we couldn't see. Since we moved to our new place a few months ago we haven't seen her do this at all!


solipsist said...

Interesting exercise, and thanks for your own stories. I have many.

Maybe I ought to start a spook blog. It would be more interesting than failing projects and rising prices. It's like sitting through a movie that you already know the ending of.

That gnome thing reminds me of the "shadow people" who are widely reported. I used to see one in the same bend of a country road almost every night, and I used to think it was a trick of light, or imagination until years later when I read about others. I have drawn it, and might post the picture - if I can find it.

The quantum realm is spooky, and is documented, and peer reviewed. A lot of what Tesla was doing is "spooky". Scandinavians divert roads around the homes of fairies.

All I know is what I see, and feel, and hear, and a lot of that is down-right creepy. It would be a consideration when it comes to buying a house. I don't really dig sharing my space with strangers.

Oh, Tony D., maybe that evil bubble is the curse of the Musqueam? Those ancestors must be mighty pissed.

Scullboy said...


There's an evil presence in the apartment I've inhabiting. My partner thinks I'm nuts but I swear I felt it from Day 1... we're moving across the street soon (to a building called the White House! Seriously!) I can't tell you how glad I am to be leaving my cursed apartment.

Speaking of which how do you keep your blog so clean and Krrish/Dosh free? Do you spray regularly with "dolt B gone?"

I love what you've done with the place. :)

solipsist said...

scullboy - You made me snicker again.

I hope that you touched wood when you wrote your question regarding the absence of certain posters. The latter did post here once. I shredded him, and he's never been back, and that's ok. "Don't tempt fate", is my maxim.

Good luck with your new digs. Smoke the place out with some sage before you move in (it does not always work...).

Patiently Waiting said...

When cats are appear to watching something that is not there, they might really be listening. Positioning their head so their sensitive ears can hear creatures in the walls. Just a theory.

Anyone ever felt like something was leaping at you from the side. I had that feeling as I walked down a street one night. It happened once, I stopped a sudden jolt, started walking again, then it immediately happened a second time. I think it might have been my senses in overdrive because walking alone at night is a little bit risky. I actually started shaking and felt a bit disorientated. It stopped once I walked away from that spot. I can't help but feel like I crossed paths with something.