Sunday, March 02, 2008

watching the birdie

I regret that I have not scribed another instalment on the interminable wait for things to start sinking, but I have been deeply immersed in the goings-on at Parliament Hill. It's a fascinating story, and I can't wait for tomorrow.

This is not entirely unrelated to the game of RE, and is, in my view, a match to the fuse to one of the bombs that is part of the ensuing melt-down.

Imagine Harper subjecting to a cavity search. Sympathy for the devil?

I'll be back after La Revolucion!

Thoughtful, non-partisan comments are welcome.


Anonymous said...


The Cadman affair? What is strange that this comes out such a long time after Chuck passes away and Chuck's wife is running for the Conservative party. Something smells..... Chuck's wife is running for the Conservatives, if the conservatives get rid of her, then they look like they are guilty and then she switches to the Liberals? If you think the Conservatives were bribing your husband why would you consider running for that party anyway?

Something smells....Liberal set up?


Anonymous said...

Breaking news...

Harper sues Liberal Party for libel.


solipsist said...

Yes, I am talking of the "Cadscam" affair.

Indeed there is something rotten in the State of Denmark coco.

Then again, this is the west coast - where everything is just a bit weird.

Strataman said...

Yes that makes no sense at all, almost like the bribe is to Cadmans wife, bring down the conservatives and we'll offer you a liberal seat. Something does the way I'm more of a liberal but not much into the current leader! :-)

Anonymous said...

from coconews:
"Premier pitches smaller lot sizes to boost home affordability
By John Bermingham, The Province
Published: Saturday, March 01, 2008"

A developer friend on business trip to North American stopped by to visit us.
He mentioned that the building materials used here would never have passed safety codes in his country.
He singled out in particular the small lot sizes with houses so closely packed next to each other like match boxes.
"Moral hazards"?

patriotz said...

He singled out in particular the small lot sizes with houses so closely packed next to each other like match boxes.

You mean like in Europe or Asia?

WTF is he talking about?

burlivespipe said...

Wow, extreme conspiracy theories by cocopuffs et al. When the Cons have already demonstrated a willingness in trying to entrap the Grits (grewal-gate), suddenly they now reverse the charges that harper "is this for publication?" is snow white, sending his emmisaries to offer frankenscence and mure and a guarantee of election help to a dying man. If only Harper wasn't under the influence of too many boston-creme donuts the day he walked up Cadman's driveway.
His desperation is showing...
By the way, the book that apparently was signed off on by the current conservative candidate (and had full cooperation of the deceased) shows Paul Martin in a very good light. Harper? Well, besides the oddly timed "I looked into his eyes" defence, is now getting smeared at his own game. Looks good on the hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

the Canadian Way

All politics all the time!

It confuses my reptilian side