Monday, January 08, 2007

the grab bag #2

I'm busier than a hen with fleas, so I don't have time for a real post. I'm working on a few things, but need to bring it together.

Today it's The Grab Bag #2. Feel free to add things in the comments that you think are noteworthy.


On Friday E. J. Hughes died. So what? Who the heck is/was E. J. Hughes?, you ask.
Landscape artist E.J. Hughes, best known for capturing British Columbia's coast on canvas, has died at the age of 93.

Often hailed as the successor to Emily Carr, Hughes received the Emily Carr Scholarship in 1947 after being nominated by Lawren Harris.

Born in North Vancouver in 1913, Hughes studied at the Vancouver School of Applied Art and Design under such teachers as Jock Macdonald and Group of Seven member Frederick Varley. During the Second World War, Hughes served as an official war artist.

With his work held in private and public collections across the country, including in the National Gallery and the Vancouver Art Gallery, Hughes is often praised for his bright, detailed, realistic depictions of his home province - its mountains, forests, valleys and coastline - and how it is changing.

Over the years, he was named to the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts, the Order of Canada, the Order of British Columbia and also received honorary degrees from the University of Victoria and the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, which administers the Emily Carr Scholarship.(exerpted from here)

Arriving Steamer
by E.J. Hughes

Also -

Reportedly, Vancouver's population increased by six over the weekend. Yawn...but they were all born from the same womb, and are Canada's first sextuplets. Read about that here.

It's those dang fertility drugs that are contributing to the RE prices by increasing our population so dramatically! What is a 7 bedroom house going to cost those parents? They will need at least an 800 sq. foot condo to afford them a miserly 100 sq, feet each.

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bc_cele said...

I think the other day I had a reality check as to why things are so nuts. I was on a non-housing board the other day and one of the other members posted about how her co-worker made 110K a year, but they were living paycheque to paycheque. This woman was from California and couldn't understand why she was struggling so much because they lived in a modest 2500sq ft house. WTF? I just had to ask, since when was 2500 sq ft modest?

Wow, that set off quite the powder keg. Seems everyone else was living in a home that size or was thinking about buying one that size or even larger. One person even accused me of being bitter. :rolleyes: I told them simply, I was far from bitter because I could get dig myself the same grave if I wanted. I'm just tired of hearing people that make such a good wage moan about how bad they have it.

I really couldn't believe how clueless people were. It seems that few people have any sense.

solipsist said...

It seems that few people have any sense.

That seems to be the crux of so much bc_cele.

50 tears of marketing, and mindless media, have rendered half the world speechless and thoughtless. Roll in a deficient "education" system, and what have you got?

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