Monday, January 29, 2007

make her gasp!

It's a busy day for me, but a reader sent this in, and I thought you all might appreciate it. I did. (you may need to click on the image in order to read it)

Thanks Dan.

While searching for info on a property I drove by today, I
scrolled past this entry, paused and scrolled back to ensure that I
had actually seen what I thought I saw. I had, and thought you'd
appreciate it as well.

I think the answer to the question asked in the text is "try to sell a
client's home with chauvinistic double entendres in a nationally
accessible database."


I have to wonder (as I'm sure Dan did), would she gasp at your straight-forward manliness in buying in this market, or your sheer foolhardiness.


Paul said...

The question should be .... how to alienate half the market!

chrisnott said...
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Anonymous said...

My wife would argue that most women wouldn't be interested in the condo anyway, and that only a certain kind of man would, so why not home in on that market?

Leisure suits, polyester disco shirts, condos that make her gasp. It all makes sense to me.

Good marketing.

the pope said...

Here's a recent one that I couldn't believe someone actually wrote - I wont link to the listing because I don't feel like doing any advertising for them:

Great opportunity for the Creative Designer to cosmetically do a Make-Over on this 33 year old, (not that 33 is old) and make it look like a teenager again. A little nip here, a tuck there and VOILA!

Anonymous said...

Feel free to email him at

Will said...

Well... no one's "gasped" since October 5th, 2006... wait, maybe they have gasped as the price has been dropped $33k since then as well.

solipsist said...

Thanks for your comments all.

wg2c - thanks for the liesure suit/disco reference. Some things just should be remembered.

pope- would that be a 'nip and tuck - voila!' like this?

Thanks for that update will. What's that? somewhere in the neighbourhood of a 15% reduction. Gasp! (the sound of the better half of that condo owner's realization that she should not have fallen in love with sub-par granite, and a foolish husband).

Paul - I just can't leave you out, so you're in!

anon - ___ ____ ______ -__

solipsist said...

uh, that would be leisure suit. The other kind leaves lesions on the skin.

northvan said...

I think the real estate agent needs more oxygen, start gasping, mister.