Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the soapbox (again)

I can't keep using this excuse, but I am so busy these days (I truly am), it's hard to post meaningfully every day, so I'm dragging out the soap box again - for you to say whatever you want (so long as it's civil).

Try to keep it on the RE/Vancouver/BC topic if you can, though I am not barring off-topic ideas. Thanks.

Tomorrow, I hope to post about "the next big thing" in RE. We'll see if I can get it all together.


bc_cele said...

I really want to know if this winter is suppose to be a sign of global warming? Because if it is, I don't think the RE industry is going to be able to crow about how mild the winters are. ;-)

Uncertain Buyer said...

I was just thinking the same thing today.

I guess the next Bubble is going to be in to love the mild winters they have.

wannaget2calgary said...

I really want to know if this winter is suppose to be a sign of global warming? Because if it is, I don't think the RE industry is going to be able to crow about how mild the winters are. ;-)

Lately the snow, cold and in particular the wind have reminded me of the chilling (incredibly bad pun intended) movie "The Day After Tomorrow".

leskov said...

People, this is just one odd winter. If in the next 9 years, 5 of 6 of those winters turn out to be as wild as this one, THEN I would be concerned. Heck, even then a sampling size of 10 years probably means absolutely nothing.

PS go watch Al Gore's documentary on the topic of global warming if you want to learn something about it. I hear it's very informative =)

wannaget2calgary said...

People, this is just one odd winter.

No, no, no, current weather heralds the beginning of a permanent change, just like in the prophetic movie "Day After Tomorrow". Al Gore's stuff is based on mere fact, not prophetic vision.

Jojuchst said...

Well one bad winter is one bad winter. Visitor to our city during this one bad winter surely won't be impressed. We started out with poor transportation infrastructure and now ill prepared road maintenance crew and on top of all these we have poor drivers with ill equiped vehicles? Our crown jewel, Stanley Park, is in ruins and taped off? Let's not mention the wind and what it can do to shady constructions. What a nightmare.

Christina said...

In Vancouver just north of Seattle homes are less expensive with a median price of just $229,000. Vancouver will average a loss of 5.6% by year’s end. The influx of new residents, some of whom moved to the Pacific North-West from China, are bolstering the local economy.

I'm wondering why someone would use 1993 housing data in a 2007 forecast. Unless one was mistaking the north Vancouver (what I call the 'uppercase V') for the one near Portland, Oregon. In which case why would one heed a forecast of a market someone can't find on a map?

Asun said...

One good thing about the cold weather is that there are less homeless people roaming around downtown streets. I know it sounds cold (pun intended), but I can't remember the last time I walk down Granville in the morning and not seeing any bums sleeping on the sidewalk.

wizardofozziejurock said...

Things are cooling - the temperatures in Vancouver.

The bubble deflates - BC Place.

Things that only go up are falling - Stanley Park trees.

Prices are falling dramatically - lumber prices.

There's a lot of excess supply - rain and snow.

Local industry is in high gear - moving its head offices elsewhere.

Interest is down - from US tourists.

There's too much inventory in the pipeline - oil

"Paper profits" are disappearing - BC's forestry industry is in recession.

Vancouver is digging itself into a hole - the Canada line.

0% interest - it's a Buyer's Strike!


Gan said...

In the Georgia Straight is an ad for Concord Pacific's newest building... Smart Gastown Living. Conveniently located at Main and Powell. I don't know if I would call that Gastown though. I can't decide how this location stands in comparison to the Woodward's building, or the 33 East Pender building. Is it better? Worse?
Maybe we really are running out of empty parking lots in Yaletown, or empty lots on Robson.

Asun said...

Conveniently located at Main and Powell.

Convenient if you have to feed your crack habit. Main & Powell is probably the nastiest area in the whole Vancouver. If it's less than 75K for an apartment, I might think about it.

Cecil said...

On the neighbourhood map on the Gastown Smart Living website, check out how they haven't shown any little squares for "shop", "play" or "biz" on the entire stretch of Hastings. On Cordova and Pender there is only one little square for each. It's like they want you to think that area just doesn't exist.

Not to mention the fact that the condo is next to the Number 5 Orange and the fire station.

solipsist said...

Thanks to you all for posting - and keeping things going in my absence.

northvan said...

The reason why people whine about the winter weather in Vancouver is not because it is so harsh.

They are not prepared, city or residents.

If this was common, people would have winter tires, warm coats, hats, money put away for extra heating costs, cars winterized, salt, winter curtains, snow blowers, some food stashed etcetera.
Once all this is in place, winter is not a big deal. Unlike what the RE agents like to say, since one of their hyping factors is "mild winters".

What good is a mild winter if you dont have any money/time left after paying a hug mortgage?