Friday, January 05, 2007

poll results

Here are the results for the poll of a few days ago.

A whopping 74% expect declines of up to 25% (a few more expect "marginal" declines than "notable" declines), 15% think that prices will be flat, 5% expect more rapid appreciation, and 6% expect declines of between 25% - 50%. I voted for marginal declines, but put a vote in as a bloated flipper too - just to see what colour the bar would be.

Thanks for participating!


Uncertain Buyer said...

No problem. Here's the latest from the MSN POLL:

Is the worst over for the housing market? * 10239 responses

Yes -- sales and prices will turn up next year.

No -- the market will flat-line or keep going downhill.

Too soon to say.

solipsist said...

Thanks uncertain. Maybe we could do a shadow poll again when things get ugly.