Monday, December 04, 2006


Oh, I am out-doing myself today! Or maybe I've had too much bubble tea, and my brain has turned to foam...

First, I have re-dubbed Bub Rainy - Bubblicious Rainy.

Dub, Bub, Bubble. Toil and Trouble.

Second, I have figured out a new contest to get rid of that glut of condo's.

BR and The Sun are having a condo-give-away contest in which 6 condo's will be won. But that is not enough. There will still be a surfeit of condo's to move. So why not have a two-for-one sale? That would take care of the excess supply, and address the affordability problem. A family of 4 could hardly live in a 430 sq. ft. condo, but if they had two of 'em, they could just spread out a bit. It would help too when the divorces spurred by cash-strapped couples start to kick in. It's a win-win-win solution!

Third, I have figured out what got this bubble going in the first place!

This RE bubble seems to have started with the advent of Bubble Tea Houses in Vancouver. I believe that a bunch of very rich Asians moved here, and hatched a plot to cloud the minds of us Occidentals. Feed us Bubble Tea until our brains turn to spume, or we choke to death on those little balls of Tapioca.

To really create hype, I reckon that the incentive should end on December 31st, 2006. Kind of an ancillary to buy now before you're priced ot forever. I'm sure that people will get very excited, and we can kick-start this market all over again in these Dark Days of December.

Of course, it may be necessary to double the price of a condo - so as not to lose money- but we've seen that already, and the value is there! We understand these things much better now, and expect it.

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

*photoshop image by author


Babybull40 said...

Get yer bubbles.. and start blowing......

Anonymous said...

hahaha ... tapioca flour is dirt cheap. I know of a handful of people who became rich from their "Bubble Tea Houses in Vancouver".
1 bag of tapioca pearls (cooked in boiling water before adding them in tea) makes 1000 glasses of bubble tea.

solipsist said...

I know of a handful of people

But how many units at The Hudson did they buy?

Is that what bubble tea is? Tapioca flour?

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. let me look into the crystal ball. the occ who provides unsolicited advice to invest in Winnipeg probably bought a dozen units, but keeps quiet about his acreage in Okanagan and SFHs in VanEast.