Friday, December 01, 2006

live at McDonalds!

The Mac before.

The Mac after the condo conversion.

I've been sooo busy this last week. I haven't had the time to say anything meaningful (well, I have never said much in that way anyhow...).

Last night I was looking for historical items regarding real estate in Vancouver, and came across some interesting stuff.

I am no fan of condo's, but I realize that it is a personal bias, and everyone has their own reasons, and tastes. This one made me shake my head though.

I have read about all of the condo projects - The "W", The Hudson, OMA, etc., but they were just names to me.

I came across before and after photo's of some of these projects. This one kind of left me wondering.

I found out that The Mac was actually built on the site of a McDonald's restaurant, and realized that it was named after their eponymous hamburger. They have a McDonald's downstairs, and condo's upstairs. That is just plain weird. What was in the promotional literature?

Come live at The Mac! A fast-food junkie's dream!

Relax on your balcony while the scintillating odours of frying French Fries and sizzling meat patties waft up and stir the appetites of you and your guests.

Never be stuck for menus for your dinner parties again. You don't need a yard for BBQ's - the biggest BBQ in the world is right in the foyer of this project.

The kids will love it, and will be the envy of their school mates when they have their birthday parties!

And the washrooms are always clean!

I guess it beats the smell of boiled cabbage.

As an aside - There is not much roof over-hang on this project, and it looks like a leaky condo in the waiting.


Bear Claw wins the light-bulb-of-the-week (TM) for dubbing this travesty McCondo (TM)


johnnycrasher said...

My expierence is that if i over induldge on certain foods, i become sick to the smell of those foods.Imagine if you became sick at the smell of mcdonald's.Home sweet Home

WoodenHorse said...

I think you'd quickly get sick of the ole Micki-D's in a hurry living there.

noturaveragebear said...

its funny i met someone at a party two years ago who bought into the mac. I remember being shocked that the real estate bubble was so ridiculous that Macdonalds would give up a prime site for short term gain. I had no idea they would keep the mcdonalds there. what kind of idiot would buy into that if they knew that.

monkeypants said...

First time poster here. I love your blog.

The Mac is in my neighbourhood and I have a friend who lives a couple of blocks from there. She spends most of her time in the summer avoiding the smell of rancid fry-grease that wafts from McD's.

Imagine living on top of it. Ugh!

solipsist said...

Thanks for posting folks. I'm really behind, so please excuse me.

I was flabbergasted when I realized what "The Mac" was. Frankly, I'd be embarrassed to have bought into that. Talk about irrational exuberance. Someone give me a pill.

solipsist said...

Welcome monkeypants. Thanks for posting, and for posting so nicely.

I cannot imagine anyone buying into that place. I can't even stand walking by fast food joints. To live on top of one would make my skin crawl.

Can you imagine trying to flip a place in there with the showing on a warm day?

What's next? The chicken abbatoir down on Salsbury as a condo conversion?

How about a waterfront condo on Iona Beach (where the sewage treatment plant is)?

WoodenHorse said...

Where is the Mac? (I've never heard of this place til now

WoodenHorse said...

And what did those people living just above the doors to the MacDonald's proper pay?????

Anonymous said...

A literal McCondo!! That is the most offensive thing i have ever seen. Hahaha!!

I would like to know how much one of those McCondos sell for and create a grim meathook future analysis for a potenial f'ed homedebtor. Run the scenerio where the value is under the initial purchase price at some point in the future where people are not as horny over real estate and this looks like a sad historical reminder. You probably don't need to take into account the leak repairs or rise in property taxes after the olympics to make this "investment" look foolish.


solipsist said...

Thanks posters.

I have been (over)indulging in the grape juice after a crazy week, and I can't stop laughing!

BearClaw -
McCondo! That was in the back of my mind, but my fatigue prevented the elucidation. Thanks!

oriented-strand equine -
I don't know where the McCondo (TM) is, but I'm guessing west of Burrard somewhere. I'm too damned flabbergasted to look into it further.

Did the "investors" have a clue what they were buying? I just can't get my head around the horror of this whole thing.

I have been holding back a major rant on the whole marketing thing for a while (though I have skirted around it), but I am almost ready to lance that boil. Coming soon...

noturaveragebear said...

the mcondo is on broadway just east of alma. I have been away for a year from vancouver now. Well not continuously. Last time I was down in that area was the summer of 2005. What a joke. This is the funniest thing posted on this site yet.

solipsist said...

Thanks n.a.b.

It looked like Broadway to me. I could see such a thing in Ft. McMurray, or Acupulco, but the West Side?

It must be something in the water (besides beaver poop).

Babybull40 said...

well I can't imagine eating in at Mc D's since I found out what they do to the meat.. I was disgusted by all of it.. so no more McD's for me.. ever...that's sickening but saddly funny they would build a condo with McDonalds beneath..

Anonymous said...

One get used to everything... In Europe, McDonalds (or other fast food restaurants) are often built on the first floor of condos. They all have a powerfully clean ventilation system, but it is never efficient enough... But it does not matter as much since the fumes exhausted by the cars are 10 times more stincky.

mk-kids said...

I walk by the McD's on Thurlow on my way home from work everyday... I've made a habit of holding my breath until I'm in front of Joe Forte's - there's a lot of traffic on Thurlow but the pollution from all those cars can't compete with the rancid smell of McD's. Ick!

noturaveragebear said...

smell or no smell this is not a condo that has a mcdonalds on the first floor. This is a mcdonalds with some condos above it. Flash forward thirty years and this will look no different than the welfare apartments above some restaurant on hastings street.

Freako said...

I ate their many times in my yoot. Nothing wrong with the area, but it's just odd to tell your friends you live "above McDonald's". I had friends who lived above the Kingshead. It was kinda cool to sit on the balcony above bikini clad patio customers.

As for the McCondo, I hope they keep the bins locked up. Have you ever seen the activity around some of the fast food bins?

noturaveragebear said...

its funny its the mcdonalds we used to go to as kids for birthdays. I remember the clown mouth room. Sad to see it go even though I haven't been to kits in years. its like freako said great neighborhood. but what a monstrousity. there should be an equivalent of the razzies for architecture. I would nominate this.

patiently waiting said...

I remember birthday parties there too. I didn't grow up around there, but my Granny lived in one of the veterans apartments nearby (now replaced by another ugly condo) and took me there often.

I've eaten McD's maybe twice in the last 15 years, though the last time I actually had a half-decent salad.

I agree, The Mac will be a future slum. I bet those walls don't block-out the Broadway traffic noise.

patiently waiting said...

Actually, what walls? Its 90% windows around it.

noturaveragebear said...

I was thinking one of the bull arguments is gas prices will skyrocket and people will pay almost anything to be close to work. So maybe all mcdonalds should have mccondo's above them. This way you don't need a car as you walk outside to your power job behind the counter at mcd's. You also don't need a car for groceries. You got mcdonalds everyday.

solipsist said...

Good points all.

n.a.b. is right on too. Maybe they can just have brass poles - a la firehouses - and slide right down them to their work positions at the grease pit. Power jobs indeed. And dumb-waiters to convey the food up to their McCondo's. It's not an investment, it's a lifestyle choice.

As a side benefit, the consumers of all those McHopeless meals will have clogged arteries before their times, and will keel over to make room for rich foreigners to move into this city with no room.