Wednesday, November 29, 2006

top 10 reasons to visit vancouver


1) It's a nuclear free zone, and that is comforting.

2) Brown-water rafting.

3) Touring the ghost town of empty condos bought by speculators.

4) Going over the Cleveland Dam in VHB's rain barrel.

5) The mountains. I'm pretty sure that they are still there, I saw them last summer.

6) Site of the most expensive real estate in Canada.

7) Nowhere else can you see record rainfall followed by record snowfall and record low temperatures, followed by more rain - all in the space of 14 days. A perfect vacation destination!

8) It's just like Mexico! (in that the water may harbour dangerous intestinal parasites)

9)Anonymous posters on the blogosphere -
Anonymous said...
No surprise,same old story,but its not true thing is houses/condo's is not a onion or patato its one unit sells for millions,Can any one tell how many house should be selling in a year?no one is sure no solid answer.I think too many have been sold in 05,06 definitely mkt. will slow down when there is no buyer but sellers only,and only few will sell on low price so price will not go down who want to lose people sell to make profit who will sell if price does not full fill desire to any body wants to live in home do not wait buy it price will not take a reverse turn ever even after 2010.source

10) We're going to need some serious help paying for the 2010 Olympics.


dingus said...

anonymous I think sums up the bull case nicely. I think most purchasers must have that kind of verbiage floating around their noggins.

solipsist said...

Thanks for posting dingus.

Yer right about the bulls' case. Interesting that the bulls have all seemesd to have gone back to their barns. Even RET is waiting to see what happens. There is little bull action anywhere right now.

Could be seasonal though...

I'm not sure that anon has verbiage, or garbage floating in the muddy waters of it's mind.

I'm hesitant to knock/mock anon, because if it is someone with a limited grasp of English, it's unfair to discourage, but anonymity does open one up to castigation, in my view.