Friday, November 10, 2006

living in Squalor

I received this link today from antz.

He saw this posting by Amelia over at Real Estate Talks

oh my lord! Look at what you can "get" for $289,000 of your hard earned dollars!!! (is this madness, or am I just out to lunch?) This is a tear down!
Am I wrong? No wonder there is a homeless situation in the lower mainland.
At these prices, we're all going to be out on our arses.

Here's what $289k begs to be dropped on in Squalor. Er, Squamish. At first blush you might think a nice little cabin to live in while I build my dream home.

But a closer look reveals that it actually needs some work first.

Really, it needs a bit more than that. What the heck is this? Did someone fall off The Chief and crash through the roof?

Are there any skeletons in any of the closets? Worse? Perhaps it's toxic with mine runoff?

It is a 50'x120' lot, but it is a brutal commute from Vancouver, and it's Squamish.

Couldn't the vendors at least have the decency to torch the place and sell it as a vacant lot?

I've never thought too much about Squamish, other than it's a bit of a shame with all the pollution and such, but Lady Luck over at RET seems to loathe the place. Full of crack-heads, rednecks and bikers, and the new and naive real estate refugees from Vancouver. Apparently a lot of absentee landlords too, and a council full of city slickers - bent on cheesy development.


Anonymous said...

eeeks! these photos ought make the world turns in

solipsist said...

Thanks for posting anonymous.

They certainly make the stomach turn.

Babybull40 said...

bot what a sour looking hovel.. bulldoze the sucker.. land is worth more anyway isn't it?