Wednesday, November 01, 2006

assessed values

A reader sent this listing to me with the note:
MLS®: V617050 A/P:$539k (2006 September) +$151800 more or +39.2% above Ass value [hse# 3786]

I can't verify the assessment (without paying for it), but such exuberance to list at 39% above that.

This place actually has a big lot (7906 sqft), and the house actually looks to have some character, so it's not as stark a "deal" as some of what is out there.

How about offering 40% below assessed "value"?


Babybull40 said...

I think this one is at least not looking like an over-priced crack house...he he he.. its still over priced regardless....

solipsist said...

no doubt!

Anonymous said...

In March 2006, it was asking $485
MLS®: V574074 before it was taken off the market and is relisted about a month ago. At that price, it was +$97800 more or +25.26% above 2006 Ass value. Let's not forget that the 2006 Ass value has gone up 50% to 300% in some areas.
If Remax predict +8% increase for RE in 2007, then anything more than that is profiteering.

solipsist said...

anything more than that is profiteering

I couldn't agree more raconteur.

How does that saying go?...bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered... or something to that effect.

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins too, isn't it? I don't expect a bolt from the blue for these types, but I hope that they get burned when the conflagration hits the market.

solipsist said...

but I hope that they get burned when the conflagration hits the market

Well, that bit of schadenfrude was unwarranted, and I retract it. I know that people will get burned. I just hope that it doesn't wreck any families or lives.

Anonymous said...

Passed by this 1924-vacant-house yesterday and noticed a big "PRICE REDUCED" on top of the sale sign. No new reduced price given yet on MLS and VOW. Last year it was MLS®: V574074 A/P:$485k.

It's too close to the cemetery and gas station for comfort and facing a very noisy thoroughfare.

Anonymous said...

lorne goldman. are you kidding me. should be in jail.