Monday, November 20, 2006

the changing city

This link is an interesting photo "fade" produced by the City of Vancouver. It shows a transition of the downtown over 25 years from 1978 - 2003.

Vantage points include Stanley Park, and views east and west from the Cambie and Granville bridges.

I have been meaning to do a morph using some of my own photos, but time constraints have...constrained me.



Van Housing Blogger said...

Yeah, I've seen those pix before. VERY cool.

Anonymous said...

wow the changes kinda creep up on you don't they.

solipsist said...

hey vhb. It has been around for a while, but it's a slow day. Shoulda titled it "cheap post"

Something that I've noticed is that the mountains are getting smaller! Does that mean that all of this real estate is worth less now? Is that why they are building higher buildings?

What'll we do when the mountains are totally melted? Do you think that global warming is melting them?

anon - I go to the dentist (Broadway and Laurel - overlooks False Creek and DT) but once a year, and the last time I went I thought I was in the wrong office - because the view was almost unrecognizable.

Freako said...

Yeah, I stumbled on those about 3 years ago, but I don't think it is a cheap post, because it is very interesting to see the amazing change in such a relatively short time. Too bad they didn't have some with IDENTICAL vantage points.

I have posted old photos of Vancouver in the post, particularly the aerial ones. Mindboggling the density increases.

solipsist said...

Thanks for posting freako.

I'm sure that I do have some shots taken from the same vantage point. I keep trying to find time to dig them out, but I have many thousands of (incatalogued) photo's, and the busy thing keeps me from it.

The aerials would be cool.

djmk said...

its hard to believe in a few short years so much has changed. two new stadiums, skytrain, hundreds of towers with its glass, concrete and steel. and the trees! i did not expect parts of downtown would be so green especially in chinatown.
but i think the most amazing is false creek. i would bet in 1978 that nobody imagined that this land would be home to thousands of relatively well-off people. for me, this throws out that "we're running out of space" argument. its not how much you have, but what you do with it that matters.
that being said, i wonder how the downtown eastside or hastings compares since 1978. better? worse?
i wonder what the nest 30 years will bring...

Babybull40 said...

That was absolutely amazing.. wow.. alot of changes have taken place.. I was in Vancouver about 14 years ago and I bet alot has happened since then.. and alot more to come from the sounds of it.
The Olympics....Good Luck with that..

Anonymous said...

i wonder how the downtown eastside or hastings compares since 1978. better? worse?

Much worse. I mean DTES, Hastings goes all the way up Burnaby Mountain you know.

In 1978 DTES didn't go west of Pigeon Park (Carrall), now it goes to Victory Square and the penumbra is a lot bigger too.

Also in 1978 the local abusers were drunks and heroin addicts. Much more passive and less crazy than coke and meth heads.