Sunday, November 26, 2006

do you take this blog seriously?

A little bit earlier, someone posted this vituperous little gem -

Anonymous said...
I don't know what's funnier. The fact that a guy who has admitted to have never owning a real estate inveestment, or personal residence for that matter for decades (if ever) has a blog about the future of real estate in Vancouver, or that what appears to be a sizeable number of people are taking his blog entries seriously.

It goes on a bit from there. I found that the scribe's lack of punctuation, spelling, and proof-reading left me not really able to take it seriously, but I was wondering if I have misrepresented in any way, and whether any of my small number of readers takes this blog seriously.

So I'm taking a poll.


Do you take this blog, or the blogger seriously?

Has this miserable little blog influenced you to buy? to not buy?

Do you think that this blogger has any idea what the hell he is rambling about?

Are you troubled that the blogger got a free soapbox on the Internet, and is using it?

I fervently hope that the answers to all the questions is a resounding NO!

Print it off, and fax your responses to:

Bitter Renter
c/o Riverview Hospital,


solipsist said...
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solipsist said...

solipsist said...
As far as I can tell from the logs, this character spent a grand total of 29 seconds on this blog before discerning that I am obssessive, and that I am taken seriously.

Unless the cookie was blocked, it was it's first visit.

jay said...

Hey Unreal,
Your site is great and funnier than VHB to boot. I especially like the comp's to real estate here and overseas that work their way in occasionally. They provide a visual difference that is hard to argue against. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

While we're correcting spelling errors:

No results found for vituperous.

Did you mean Vituperrious?


No entries were found in the dictionary. Would you like to search the Web for vituperous?


Peace :)

Van Housing Blogger said...

Yeah, I think both this place and the Pope have some great humour - much more than my somewhat stale place.

I also like that they give a different perspective on some of the not-intentionally-humourous posts.

The more the merrier, I say.

solipsist said...

No results found for vituperous

As long as you are using, Merriam-Webster, etc. to check for vituperous, you will not find it. Those are American sources. I learned how to spell in Canada.

You might look in the Oxford English Dictionary (I don't have a link), if that is not too high-brow for you.

What is sad is that you returned to this melancholy little blog. Ought you not be checking up on your inveestments?

Thanks for posting Jay.

I might be funnier than VHB, but he is the original, and is much more erudite than I.

I keep meaning to get back to the comps, but I can't really see through my veil of tears.

The hospital keeps pumping me full of thorazine too, and it fogs my mind.

solipsist said...

Thanks for posting VHB, and for the encouragement.

I don't find your place at all stale. As stated above, I find it to be erudite, incisive, and the go-to place regarding Van. RE.

I again thank you and The Pope for inspiring this blog. The Pope is hilarious, and a tough act to follow.

I heard a great song years ago that went like this - I can laugh when things ain't funny, I'm a happy-go-lucky me.

That sums up my approach to life.

Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy this little blog and the refreshing view it takes of this ludicrous market.

There will always be naysayers, I say, let them go read other blogs or start their own.

Let's continue the fun here.

solipsist said...

I very much enjoy

Thanks for posting anon. I enjoy writing it too.

djmk said...


keep up the good work. i have to admit that i start my day at VHB. and yes, it is a little stale there (especially freako tangents...) but that ok because i feel that i am learning something. for example, until today, i had no idea what fiat currency is but after a quick google search, i now have something to say at a party and everybody will think i'm smart.
after VHB, i head over to this site and i read and i smile and wish for more pics of Pamela. i really liked your "old is new series"

regarding if we take you seriously....

a few months ago i was thinking of buying again. i was on the fence until somebody directed me to VHB and then you. i can tell you that i am nolonger on the fence and i am glad i waited/waiting. already a few homes we looked at are cheaper.
that being said, just like the msm, i do not believe everything i read and i make my own decisions.... and if bob rennie had a blog, i would read that too.

and i do not know whats funnier. the fact that somebody gets so worked up that s/he must send off an angry comment over something so trivial, or somebody would actually read your blog when s/he clearly does not share your point of view. my theory is that anon is a angry, out of work realtor (or bob rennie).

solipsist said...

Thanks for posting djmk, and your kind words.

I'll try to implement Pam again for your amusement (or...).

I thought that fiat currency was the lira that it cost to buy a Fiat. I guess I should Google too. Fiat Lux (for those of you not fluent in Latin, that means let there be light. You are not likely to find that at Merriam-Webster).

It's funny that you mention Bub Rainy. I thought that I might have pissed him, or Derrick Penner off.

I was kind of thinking that the anon. was a 26 year old that had signed up for 2 or 3 units at the "W", or the Hudson, and was seeing prices starting to slide, and a big OH F#CK! was starting to sink in.

It really didn't bother me at all, and I had fun taunting it, and letting it get all in a lather.

Be sure to check out Vancouver Condo Info. too. He is a hoot. Much funnier than me.

BTW - I quite like freako. He is a smart cookie, and is very funny himself sometimes - whether by intent or not. VHB is serious, and I am glad of that. His research leaves little to be desired. And, he's the original.

Freako said...

I think the anon poster was just trying to stir the pot.

If a 1,000 people say that they take your blog seriously, he will say that he proved his point.

If 1,000 people say that your blog is a joke (the unfunny kind), he will say that he proved his point.

I think there is room for several niches.

Ben Jones seems to be a news aggregator and I don't see a lot of analysis (though I don't read the comments.

VHB is all about analysis (and original to boot).

The Pope is about the lighter side of things.

I think you may have a niche as more of an artsy (no offense meant) and humanistic take on things. Who better to lead a journey of discovery into the impact and trials and tribulations of coping in a bubble economy than somebody who is living it.

When we read about people going on diets, we are more interested in their journals and personal experiences than some scientist or nutrition experts sidebar opinion. I think the anon poster thought that far.

solipsist said...

Thanks for posting freako.

No offence taken on the artsy thing, I am an artist (amongst other things), just that no one has ever heard of me. That's ok.

I am a bit of an humanist as well. Good read on that.

If I amuse just one person (besides myself), I feel successful. I kind of had fun with anon. It was almost too easy to shred though, and didn't put up much of a fight. I revel in a reasoned debate.

Did your wee one get a snowball person built today?

Babybull40 said...

you are doing great Big Man.. you provide a different view of the real estate market.. obviously this blogger has nothing better to do.. maybe he/she is envious of your great blog.. you keep up the great work.. I'm not biased at all.. because we are family..Loves ya.. A

WoodenHorse said...
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solipsist said...

Thanks for posting babybull.

I doubt that anon. harbours any envy for me, and he's nuts if he does.

It kind of reminded me of someone who likes to push around the little guy, until he learns the hard way that the little guy knows a few tai kwon do moves.


whatmeworry said...

I know...I.....enjoy your blog immensely.

Yes, I do start my day at VHB, (like djmk), and yes it is informative and well reasoned debate...with graphs even.

Then I always pop over here after that, kind of like eating dessert after you eat your dinner. Your posts are often no less informative and enlightening but are sometimes so funny that I laugh out loud, and your graphics are really something to see. (I do appreciate the Pope's blog as well).

You and VHB and the Pope all complement each other, you cover basically the same issue in 3 different ways...

Thank you so much for all the effort that you put into this......
It takes some of the sting out of renting and sitting on the fence, (my backside is getting a bit sore though) while waiting to buy our own place.

...oh...and yes, I take you seriously...but everyone knows that you you can inform in a entertaining way...some of my best profs were also the most amusing...

Anonymous is not worth worrying about - he needs to go build a snowman!

solipsist said...

Thanks for posting whatme?

Being likened to dessert after a good meal of data and logic warms the ganache of my heart.

The Pope has his stash of fine, robust wines to round things off.

All we need is a mariachi band and some dancing girls.

And an espresso to keep me awake.

the pope said...

The Pope is hilarious, and a tough act to follow.

I'm doing my little dance of joy here - You just made my day, thanks for the complement!

I think you may be the most personal of the Vancouver real estate bloggers, and that is part of the charm of this site. If somebody doesn't enjoy this blog or thinks that your viewpoint is off, let them go start their own.

I don't think you should give a rats-ass whether or not 'anonymous' enjoys the site, there are obviously many others that do, certainly including me.

Keep up the great work!