Thursday, November 16, 2006

mea culpa

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Yesterday I made a badly flawed post in which I completely misinterpreted what I was commenting on. I did not proof-read before I posted. I apologize for my blunder, and thank freako for pointing it out.


WoodenHorse said...

May I ask which post you're talking about?

solipsist said...

Hi woodenhorse,

I wrote about an article that was in The Sun and completely wixed up y mords and mideas.

I interpreted a projection of growth in housing stocks to be a projection of price increases, and ranted and raved about it most foolishly.

I published it when I meant to save it as a draft, and went away. When I came back and read it, I realized my mistake. freako caught it too. I tried to re-write it, but it was too messed up, so I deleted it.

Embarrassed myself, I did. That's what's with the bag over the head. I can't very well rant about the MSM if I am not concise.

downtownguy said...

chin up.

WoodenHorse said...

I agree...buck up little bear.

the pope said...

I try to make at least one major error in every post, otherwise what fun is it?

I think you can rant all you want about the MSM without being concise. Afterall they aren't paying you are they?

solipsist said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence dear readers. I hope my self-flagellation isn't too unseemly. It's really a pre-emptive strike. I figure that if I criticize myself, everyone else will feel sorry for me.

Smug, self-serving and insincere by stealth.

Pope, you are right. I can rant about them. And they are paying me. I'm a kind of Manchurian Candidate - lulling you all to think I'm on your side, but in reality...mwa-ha-ha.

Hang on Derrick, I've got Rupert Murdoch on the other line. What? Yeah, I'm in a conference call with Bub Rainy and Scameron More and More Suckers To Insult and Fleece.

No. No. They think that the water is unfit to drink. Yeah, that's right, we're making bazillions of bucks on bottled water.

They all think Vancouver is world class, but it's really Third World Class. Idiots.