Thursday, November 02, 2006

old is new...again

This quaint charmer (v6184321) was listed last year for $348k (2005 - v526117). It is still (again?) available for $459k. 31% rise in price? Hmmph!

Will we be looking at this self-same listing next year for $601k?

Is an SFH really going to cost $1 million by 2010?


raconteur49 said...
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raconteur49 said...

(disclaimer applies)
E 1st Ave 1968_$499,500 (2006 October)
GR Grandview_V5N 1B4
MLS®: V597954

2006 Ass value:
1968 E 1ST VANCOUVER $339,200
E 1st Ave 2106_$513k
GR Grandview_ V5N 1B8
MLS®: V616202

2006 Ass values:
2106 E 1ST VANCOUVER $341,900
2111 E 1ST VANCOUVER $355,700
2114 E 1ST VANCOUVER $350,700
E 1st Av 2142_$499,000
GR Grandview_ V5N 1B8
MLS®: V596886

2006 Ass values:
2142 E 1ST VANCOUVER $376,400
2154 E 1ST VANCOUVER $362,900

2165 E 1ST VANCOUVER $467,000 Sale on 01 Jun 2005 for $365,000
Graveley St 2797_$559k
RE Renfrew_V5K 3J7
MLS®: V610212

2006 Ass values:

raconteur49 said...

Here are some info given in good faith (disclaimer applies)
E 12th Ave 556_$539k
MP Mount Pleasant_V5T 2H5
MLS®: V609401

2006 Ass values:
556 E 12TH VANCOUVER $352,200

557 E 12TH VANCOUVERC $425,500
Sale on 16 Jun 2005 for $436,000
E 12th Ave 718_$549k
MP Mount Pleasant_V5T 2H9
MLS®: V604641

2006 Ass values:
713 E 12TH VANCOUVER $392,500
Sale on 28 Jul 2005 for $410,000

717 E 12TH VANCOUVER $329,000
718 E 12TH VANCOUVER $353,100

E 12th Ave 1122_$499,900
MP Mount Pleasant_ 5T 2J9
MLS®: V617470

2006 Ass values:
1122 E 12TH VANCOUVER $324,400
Sale on 15 Aug 2005 for $345,000
E 12th Ave 1124_$515,900
MP Mount Pleasant_ 5T 2J9
MLS®: V616588

2006 Ass values:
1124 E 12TH VANCOUVER $323,400
E 12th Ave 1163_$599k
MP Mount Pleasant_V5T 2J8
MLS®: V615363

2006 Ass values:
1163 E 12TH VANCOUVER $385,300
Sale on 08 Sep 2005 for $405,000

1166 E 12TH VANCOUVER $450,800
1169 E 12TH VANCOUVER $349,000
E 12th Ave 12-- !!!!_$559k
MP Mount Pleasant_V5T 2J9
MLS®: V618499
Can’t be 1204 ????
Perhaps 1240 !!!!

2006 Ass values:
1240 E 12TH VANCOUVER $345,900

exvancouverite said...

This property looks appropriately priced, for a few dollars more you could have a similar house here...

They look darn near identical. Same value.

Unfortunately, a 'job' market exists only in Vancouver. Don't know how people managed to survive for centuries before that, but apparently, now, you have to live in Vancouver to be able to scratch a living on this planet.

So your projection of next year's price of $601K would sound about right.

By 2010, all bets are off.

solipsist said...

Thanks for the assessed values raconteur. You were up late researching those.

Thanks for posting to exvancouverite too.

We are so blessed to live in the best place in the world. The only real difference between this Vancouver house and the French one (that I can see) is that the French pad doesn't have mountains for a back-drop, but has measly "rolling country-side". All that space with nothing looming in the near distance would leave me feeling very exposed.

Oh, and the French one has a pool, but who needs a pool in Vancouver? We can just go out and stand in the rain - except in the summer though - when the water restrictions would preclude filling that pool.