Wednesday, November 22, 2006

richie the roughneck from red deer

I came across this article today. I'll only post the opening paragraph because I don't want to contribute to any feeding frenzy that destroys yet another beautiful place.
Alberta money eyeing P.E.I. waterfront

CBC - With big money being made in Alberta, and the high real estate prices that go with it, some beneficiaries of the boom are looking to P.E.I. for more affordable property alternatives

Yesterday Kimberly asked what is the next sexy investment? at VHB. This could be one of the answers. But I think it's a crazy one. There is a reason that land is cheap in Atlantic Canada - there is little in the way of an economy, and little in the way of amenities and infra-structure.

There is Anne of Green Gables, Charlottetown (yee-haw!), and a seasonal tourism trade, potato farms that have suffered bad crops for a few years, but that's about it. That is the charm of the region. The only thing that will happen to it is negative - in the long run. The locals will not be able to live where they are born. It's already bad enough with so many having to move away.

There is some off-shore oil and gas, so I suppose that there will be a demand for experienced oil people. Will they be bringing their derricks and donkey pumps with them to mine the black gold on the useless, deserted beaches?

When will this need to feed stop? I'm awfully sick of it.

I did the photoshop collage.


bc_cele said...

Well, I guess that will be the end of the hot Comox Valley housing market because we all know that it's driven by rich Albertans.

solipsist said...

Mais non mon Ami.

There is so much money in Alberta, and they are so hungry to get even richer, they'll keep what they have in Comox Valley, Victoria waterfront, Coal Harbour, Kelowna, Cranbrook, Golden, Keremeos, etc., and still snap up what's left. Haven't you ever played Monopoly?

bc_cele said...

*head slap* Zut alors!

I keep forgeting that these days people buy a 6 pack of houses in numerous locations. What was I thinking? They'll probably start buying up all the land in Nfld if things keep up.

WoodenHorse said...

Well, I for one welcome our Albertan overlords.

solipsist said...

Well, I for one welcome our Albertan overlords.

Oh! the life of ein untermensch. There is just plain not enough Lebensraum in Alberta for all dem roughnecks.

Is it some kind of belated revenge for the NEP? Alberta not only wants in, Alberta wants everything?

checkin out of Van said...

"there is little in the way of an economy, and little in the way of amenities and infra-structure."

I don't believe this to be nessesarily true, depending on where you opt to move in Atlantic canada. Fewer Yoga classes and pilates workshops and botox/hair removal/cellulite treatment clinics, but more pubs.

I'm down with that.