Friday, December 15, 2006

uncertain buyer

uncertain buyer has joined the blogosphere. The link is in the sidebar to the right (bc housing blog). Go on over, and check it out.

uncertain has sold, and is now trying to decide to get back in, or wait.

Welcome uncertain buyer! (and congrats on the sale)


Uncertain Buyer said...

Thanks for the Link.

I am currently getting ready to move and still need to find a place to rent. I'm not sure when I will be buying, it's going to be a wait and see.

I will definetly be keeping an eye on your Blog and the others.

It's still so unclear out there where the market is heading. I just found out from my Realtor that a house just down the street got about 5% more than me. It has better finishing, being a former show home, and extra bathroom, and bit larger of a lot. So the price is probably justified. Still bugs me though.

Uncertain Buyer said...

I should also add, their selling price is still about 5% lower than what the highest, comparable, home in the neighbourhood went for.

solipsist said...

Thanks for posting uncertain.

It is indeed unclear where things are going, but I'm pretty confident that you got out at the peak.

Being that you had the house for 8 years, I think that you probably realized a generous return. Regret not, and set your alarm for the spring. If you wait for the trough, you will be able to buy outright most likely. Mortgage free sounds sweet!

solipsist said...

By the way, I did not mean to imply that you were in a psychiatric crisis - I lifted the .gif from the Internet, and modified it to my own use.

Uncertain Buyer said...

I may be in the Spring if prices start to increase. Though I doubt it.

My home is quite modest so my gains were good but not outstanding. I still have to work for a living and will probably need a mortgage, though it should be a lot more affordable.

Anonymous said...

If you are selling your primary residence, the gains you made are irrelevant. What matters is what you have to pay for the next house.

I'm not at all uncertain at what's in store for the future - just look south of the border. It's like the BC real estate market is a TV program from the US on a tape delay. The real bloodbath in the US will take place in 2007/2008, and BC will follow.

blacknbrownedout said...

Please forgive me for being late with this comment (should be in one of the "hallowing out" threads) but after going through (yet another) utility crisis (this time power) in North Burnaby, I gotta vent.

My family are newcomers to this province and the GVRD in particular -- it's been little over 17 months since we started off renting in PoCo and (five months ago) bought in Burnaby. While we really love what the GVRD offers in the way of things to do/see versus our old haunts, Edmonton/Calgary, these issues with old/outdated/unsupported utilities is driving us crazy.

Unfiltered water supply? Trees taking out power to hundreds of thousands? PSTN and cable/phone/internet service gone shortly after?

Like all good computer geeks I have UPS protection and line filtering on all of my valuable equipment. I barely had any use for it in Alberta.

Here, I've probably saved myself from buying new stuff (not to mention losing data) at least three times this past month. The water issue didn't disturb us too much since I have filtered water on hand anyways and we're used to always having boiled water on hand.

But, on to the business side of things, I know for a fact that dentists were heavily impacted by the turbidity issue. Several clinics closed since they didn't have bypass supplies or built-in filtration. Others went through expensive upgrades in order to avoid liability issues with the (possibly) dirty water.

Likewise, these complete blackouts in the main business districts cause havoc with equipment, not to mention just running the business, e.g., billing the customer.

We're currently looking for either a commercial site or an existing practice to purchase but adding the cost of data centre grade power protection doesn't help the cost/benefit analysis!

WTF? You'd think a "world class" city would at least have decent utility reliability for expected regional weather! Imagine the wonderful "optics" during a medal ceremony in 2010 when the city lights go dark all around*.

Please forgive the rant -- I'm probably suffering from net starvation.

* I'm pretty sure the medal platform itself will be supported by generators and/or priority service.

Uncertain Buyer said...


I was just wondering if you knew of any good Rental Sites out there?

I have been looking at RentBC.


solipsist said...

I was just wondering if you knew of any good Rental Sites out there?

I'm sorry, I don't know.

Try Craigslist? Rob Chipman may be able to help you too. You can e-mail Rob through his blog (link in sidebar), or look up Coronet Realty in the Yellerpages (Vancouver).

Try other property management companies as well. At this stage of the game I would be wary of amateur landlords.

ahkenaten said...

I'm primarily a stock market speculator, but have been dabling in the real estate market for some years as my family is quite involved in this market space.

Do y'all find that one has to be that much more conservative in the real estate space due to its illiquid nature? Not only that, but there's such a huge lag in when data is released that you can only find out what had happened until weaks later.

I've been out of the real estate market for sometime as it just seems to me that this uptrend lion is getting rather old.